Dollar Store Finds For Your Home

Little snowy christmas trees in a jar
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Are you thrifty?  I must admit, I fall into this category; however, I don't like to skimp on style.  That's why I am always on the lookout for ways to achieve a high-end look for a lot less money.  Garage sales and yard sales are one place to find great stuff for a great price, but it's not always practical to scour the local sales, hoping to score just the right thing.  

Fortunately, "dollar stores," such as Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree regularly stock items that are versatile and cheap, and can be turned into expensive-looking home accessories to suit any taste.  Learn the tricks for how to use dollar store items to maximum effect, by either massing certain items, deconstructing others, or combining several things to make gorgeous home accessories that would fool even the most discerning eyes.

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    Picture Frames

    Gallery Wall 320 Sycamore

    Create this gorgeous gallery wall out of simple black picture frames.  From experience, I can tell you that dollar store frames are not high-quality; however, when grouped for maximum impact and hung in a grid like this, they look quite beautiful.  The black and white photos lend class, as well as an artistic look to the display.

    You can also upcycle dollar store frames into something entirely new.  Be inspired by these upcycled picture frame projects.

    Gallery Wall Project from 320 Sycamore 

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    Dollar Store Mirrors Home Made Modern

    There are a lot of reasons mirrors make great wall accents, but they can be expensive.  Home Made Modern made this grid of mirrors out of six individual ones from the dollar store.  Just one of these mirrors hung by itself looks cheap; but, inexpensive items can achieve a high-end look when massed together.  

    Dollar Store Crafts made a mirror similar to one from Pottery Barn using this same idea.  

    Mirror Project from Home Made Modern

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    Faux Birds, Branches and Nests

    fall place card holders
    Fall place card holders with dollar store leaves

    Creatively Living

    These items vary by the season, but if you keep your eyes open, you can find faux branches, birds and nests to make holiday and seasonal decor that mimics those found at retailers like Pottery Barn.  

    Although the artificial flowers and branches at dollar stores aren't as realistic as more expensive ones, the individual blooms or leaves can look simple and beautiful when deconstructed.

    Look for pretty birds' nests from the dollar store to attach to a wreath. Or, make festive fall place cards using leaves plucked off a branch from the dollar store.  

    Fall place card holders using dollar store leaves from Creatively Living

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    Glass Vases

    Glass Hurricanes 320 Sycamore

    Make hurricane vases from glass vases, candlesticks and candles found at your local dollar store. These were inspired by a pair at Williams-Sonoma for $80, but were made for $3 each!  Hurricane jars can be filled with a variety of objects such as leaves, acorns, spring blossoms...really anything!

    Learn how to make trendy textured ceramics, or DIY glass bookends using dollar store vases.  

    DIY hurricane vases from 320 Sycamore

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    Box Frames

    diy lucite tray
    DIY Lucite Tray Rain on a Tin Roof

    Use inexpensive acrylic box frames to make home accessories in one of today's hottest materials: lucite!   These frames are lackluster when hung on a wall as originally intended; but, when repurposed they make beautiful and expensive-looking accessories, such as this lucite tray.

    DIY lucite tray from Rain on a Tin Roof

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    Terra Cotta Pots

    Jeweled Terra Cotta Planters Centsational Girl

    Make pretty planters from inexpensive terra cotta pots, which can regularly flound at the dollar store.  A little spray paint, some glass beads (which, incidentally, are also in the craft aisle of most dollar stores), and you'll have a planter that looks expensive...even though it wasn't.  

    This article offers ideas for how to spruce up plain terra cotta pots, giving you even more reasons to stock up at the dollar store.

    Terra cotta pot with glass beads from Censtational Girl

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    Christmas Tree Jars Home Made Modern

    Around the holidays, dollar stores often stock miniature trees and figurines perfect for creating Christmas villages or winter scenes.  Bottle-brush trees like the "snow"-encrusted ones used in these Christmas tree jars can be expensive at some stores; but, the dollar store offers them in packs of two for $1, making it simple to group loads of these on a holiday mantel.  

    These days, miniatures are also popular for creating fairy gardens.

    Christmas tree jars from Home Made Modern