Donating To Parrot Adoption Organizations

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    Donating To Parrot Adoption Organizations

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    The first thing people think of when considering donating to a pet or parrot adoption organization is “Money.” And believe me, money is always welcome. But there are other ways you can help them out. They need scores of items to keep afloat and sending them something through their wish list is always welcome. They all have specific requests and some have eve set up wish lists on to make it easier to find what they need. If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free. And because of the...MORE time of the year when many items are on sale, this would give you the opportunity to donate more at a lower cost. 

    This is the first of several articles I'll be posting about how you can help adoption and rescue organizations as well as other organizations that support birds. 

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    Best Friends Parrot Garden

    Best Friends Animal Society

    Best Friends Parrot Garden is high on my list of favorite adoption organizations. They have over a hundred birds at any given time that need a home. Caring for them takes a lot of supplies. But they make it very easy to get something for their birds because they have a “Wish List” at Here is their Wish List.

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    Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

    Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

    Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary has a new General Manager! It’s Bonnie Grafton, formerly with Best Friends. She has taken her expertise and many years of experience with helping animals to Gilcrease in Las Vegas to run it and I know she’ll be a raging success. They have a wonderful Wish List at Amazon as well. 

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    Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services (MAARS)

    Katie Jaaksi Buss/MAARS

    Midwest Avian Adoption and Rescue Services is located in St. Paul, Minnesota and has been tending to the needs of birds needing homes since July of 1999.  MAARS is the oldest and largest organization in the Midwest that helps parrots by providing them with adoption and rehabilitation services as well as education and behavioral rehabilitation services. Here is their wish list at Amazon: MAARS Wish List.

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    Phoenix Landing

    Kevin Blaylock/Phoenix Landing

    Phoenix Landing on the East Coast also has an Amazon Wish List. And if you get their monthly newsletter they ask for specific things you can purchase and have delivered. In December their newsletter wish list had these items on it: organic apple cider vinegar; unscented dishwasher tabs; quinoa; coconut oil; forever stamps; and white boards.

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    Florida Parrot Rescue

    Florida Parrot Rescue

    Florida Parrot Rescue is an organization that is near to my home and close to my heart. Their wish list is at Amazon as well making it very convenient and easy to donate a toy, a bag of food or a perch. There are lots of items to choose from. FPR Wish List

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    Macaw & Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico

    Martin Harvey Photolibrary/Getty Images

    Macaw & Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico is fairly new. They state the following on their website: "We are a New Mexico licensed non-profit organization dedicated to the wellbeing of all species of companion parrots. We are a small, home based organization located in Rio Rancho, which is just North of Albuquerque, NM. Our rescue offers its services to those in the Albuquerque area and is proud to be able to extend a helping hand on statewide and national levels as well."

    While they...MORE don't have a Wish List as of yet, You can donate using the Paypal link on their website. You can also call them and ask what they would like to have sent to them. 

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    Project Perry

    Photo Courtesy of Project Perry

    The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, (GFAS)  is the only globally recognized organization that sets standards for sanctuaries has accredited Project Perry. This is a great accomplishment!

    Project Perry is located 3 miles north of Louisa, Virginia. They strive to provide natural environments and flights for their birds and do quite well at it. The Amazon Aviary alone is 3,000 square feet and they have an organic garden. You can help out Project Perry by buying nuts for them at  their link...MORE at

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    Iowa Parrot Rescue

    Photo Credit: Bruce Thayer

    Iowa Parrot Rescue has a Wish List at Amazon. I'm rooting for Mike Hutchinson and his birds at Iowa Parrot Rescue because it's "Adoption Done Right!" They are southwest of Davenport in Letts, Iowa. The birds have spacious living quarters and around half the macaws live outside of cages full time. They have educational displays and live plants placed around the flights which help keep the air fresh and they're wonderful for the birds. Mike even has a fountain for them! 

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    Soft Landings Parrot Rescue

    Photo Courtesy of Soft Landings

    Soft Landings Parrot Rescue in Northeastern Oklahoma believes in education first and foremost. They want to find homes for their birds but they provide a wonderful environment with suitable environments for them in the meantime. Soft Landings has a wonderful wish list on Amazon! Here is their Wish List

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    Please Help

    Dimitri Otis/Getty Images

    All of these organizations can use your help. And for the most part there is something else you can donate: Your time. If you can arrange to volunteer some of your time, they would always appreciate that as well.