Don't Make These Bedtime Beauty Mistakes

There’s nothing like the bliss of falling into bed after a long, hard day. And you know how important a good night’s sleep is for your physical and mental health. But there’s a reason for the expression, “beauty sleep.” Follow the right bedtime routine and sleep habits, and you’ll wake up looking even better in the morning – but make these 10 common bedtime beauty mistakes, and your mirror will show you the error of your ways.

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    Sleeping in Makeup

    Don't sleep in your makeup.
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    It’s true, when you are bone-tired, taking the time to remove your makeup is the last thing you want to do. But skip this step and you’ll regret it in the morning when you wake up with swollen eyes, blocked pores and breakouts. If you are too tired for a proper face wash, at least wipe away your makeup with a facial cleaning cloth or baby wipe.

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    Not Changing Your Pillowcase

    Change your pillowcase at least once a week.
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    Your pillowcase absorbs a lot of things that aren’t pleasant to think about, including drool, sweat, hair oil and styling products. Sleep on that same pillowcase night after night, and you’re likely to wake up with a problem – acne along your jawline or cheeks due to blocked pores and bacteria gathered from the pillowcase. The solution is simple: change your pillowcase at least every other night. You can purchase extra pillowcases very inexpensively at Walmart or Target, so you’ll always have a fresh one on hand.

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    Using Rough Linens

    Rough sheets are hard on your skin.
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    Here’s your excuse to spring for luxurious linens, or at least fancy pillowcases. Rough, low-thread-count cotton sheets can cause hair breakage and frizz, along with skin irritation. Try satin or silk instead.

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    Not Applying Skincare Products

    Apply your moisturizer before bed.
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    Don’t waste your best opportunity to improve your skin by neglecting to apply your favorite moisturizer, acne treatment, anti-aging serum or skincare cocktail before bed. While you peacefully catch Z’s, your skin is drinking in the treatment and restoring your youthful glow.

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    Drink plenty of water.
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    Indoor air is often dry air, and the result is parched, itchy and flaky skin. Do yourself a favor, and switch on a bedside humidifier before hitting the sheets. You’ll wake up to moist, healthy skin. Go a step further and drink a glass of water before bedtime for full hydration benefits.

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    Skipping Teeth Brushing

    Brush your teeth before bed.
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    Don’t forget your teeth when it’s time to wash up. Going to sleep without brushing lets bacteria throw an all-night party in your mouth. This can result in more than morning breath – dental decay and gum disease are scarier possibilities.

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    Forgetting Your Hands and Feet

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    Okay, you did the right thing and took care of your face and teeth. But what about your hardworking hands and feet? They deserve some love as well. So before hitting the hay, smooth a thick moisturizing cream over those dry heels and hands. You’ll wake up with baby soft fingers and tootsies.

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    Sleeping On Your Stomach

    Sleeping on your stomach is hard on your skin.
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    It might be comfortable, but sleeping on your stomach, and to a lesser extent, on your side, tends to create pressure and creases on your face, breaking down collagen and leading to wrinkles. Spend some snooze time on your back or on your side with your face tilted up away from the pillow.

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    Leaving Your Long Hair Down

    Tie your long hair up before bedtime.
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    It might be your crowning glory, but the oil and styling products in your hair have less-than-glorious results on your skin. If your hair is long enough to wrap around your face while you sleep, it’s a good idea to pull your tresses back into a loose ponytail or updo before bed.

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    Lack of Sleep

    Get enough sleep if you want to look good.
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    It’s the number one beauty killer – not getting enough sleep. Along with increasing your risk for serious health consequences such as memory loss, depression, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer, lack of sleep leaves your skin dull, your eyes red-rimmed and dark circled and your overall appearance less than it could be.