Right and Left-Hand Refrigerator Doors

Most refrigerator doors are reversible

Kitchen interior
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Today's refrigerators include many models with a single door on a single set of hinges. Refrigerator doors can be hinged on the left or right side. A right-hand refrigerator opens left-to-right with door hinges on the right. A left-hand refrigerator opens right-to-left with door hinges on the left.

What If I Don't Want a Right-Hand Refrigerator Door?

You will most often see right-handed standard refrigerators on appliance displays. This is almost certainly because most people are right-handed, making it natural to reach for the door with the right hand, but of course, not all people are right-handed and not all kitchens are set up for a right-handed refrigerator.‚Äč

Unless the refrigerator has a built-in water or ice dispenser in it or through the door unit, the door is probably reversible, but you should confirm this before buying if the displayed door configuration is not suited to your kitchen format.

To simplify the set up of your new refrigerator, you can look for one that opens on the side that would be the most convenient for your kitchen area. Otherwise, you can follow the steps in your product manual for reversing the door. This is usually a simple procedure. Another option is to ask your retailer to make the switch for you, either before or after delivery.

To save steps and provide quick and easy transfer of food in and out of the refrigerator, always install the appliance with the door opening to the counter, workspace or range. Don't hesitate to make such simple changes, as they can radically improve your comfort in your own home.

It's important to remember that your refrigerator door can be reversed at any time. That means that even an older refrigerator can often be reconfigured for your space.

Other Refrigerator Options

Back in the day, all refrigerator doors opened from one side or the other. Freezers were tiny and located at the top of the refrigerator. While it's still possible to purchase a new refrigerator with that configuration, there are now French-door options that may be more appropriate for your needs.

French doors on refrigerators are double doors with the handles next to one another and the hinges at opposite sides of the appliance. You can open either door separately or both at the same time. This flexibility means you may find it easier to use the refrigerator in a smaller kitchen.

Just like single-door refrigerators, French-door refrigerators come in many styles and with a wide range of available options. Some offer on-the-door water and ice; others come in sleek stainless steel; still, others offer clever retracting shelves and digital thermostats.

  • Side by side refrigerator/freezers features French-style doors. One side of the appliance is dedicated to frozen food while the other is intended for refrigerated items.
  • French-door refrigerators with freezers on the bottom make it easier to reach into the fridge from either side. The lower freezer offers a bit more space for ice cream and other frozen foods.