Door Trim Ideas

Door trim

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It's as traditional a door trim idea as you can get. It's easily within reach of even the clumsiest DIY remodeler. Here are some amazing door trim ideas to inspire you to transform your own doors.

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    The Classic Rosette, Fluted Casing, and Plinth Combination

    Door Trim Ideas - Rosette Plinth Casing
    Copyright House of Fara

    The rosette, fluted casing, and plinth block add instant class to a home. This door trim is overbearing and inappropriate in homes with a cleaner, more modern style.

    This door trim combination is super-easy to install. Downside: these trim pieces, though plentiful, still tend to be rather costly.

    How To Duplicate This Door Trim Idea

    • Two rosette blocks.
    • Two plinth blocks.
    • Three fluted casings.

    You can purchase door packs from distributors such as the House of Fara. The third casing above the door will be shorter and will fit most door widths.

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    Clean Colonial

    Door Trim Colonial
    Copyright Kelleher Corporation

    This is another classic door trim idea that goes back to the days of Colonial America. Yet unlike the previous rosette/plinth arrangement, this is a traditional design that is smooth and can fit in even modern-styled homes.

    This Colonial-style door trim is broad and flat with little embellishment and is mitered at the corners. You can finish the bottoms of the side casings with plinth blocks or run them straight into baseboards.

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    Door Trim Craftsman
    Copyright Summit Woodworking, Inc.

    Craftsman door trim from Summit Woodworking of Oregon City, Oregon.

    Craftsman trim is characterized by strong lines, low embellishment, and natural (rather than painted) wood.

    Another hallmark of Craftsman door trim is the use of wider casing at​ the top than along the sides.