Dorm Decor - Get Organized With Lists

an organized dorm room

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Is there a dorm room in your future? You may be wondering just where to start when decorating your new dorm room. A list is a great way to organize your thoughts and help plan purchases.

Spend a few minutes thinking about what you want. This will be your first step into a new world, and your room can be a great way to project your high school self into a more collegiate image.

Here are the Steps:

First: Make a List
Get organized and make a quick list. If your room includes a bed and a desk, write them in the Have column. Forbidden items (as designated by your school) go in the Can't Have column. Finally fill in the other things you Need and Want. You'll also find help online with lists and tips at sites such as Bed Bath & Beyond®.

Have: Bed, Desk, Chair, 6 Ft. Closet, 3 - 10" Drawers
Need: Phone, Desk Lamp, Comforter, Sheets (twin long), Underbed Storage
Want: Posters, Pillows, TV, Bookshelf, Refrigerator, Microwave
Can't Have: Candles, Halogen Lamp, Fabric Wall Hangings, Toaster, Hot Plate

Size Matters

Evaluate your space and note the sizes of the room, the bed, and any other features. There's no sense in showing up with 3 pairs of color coordinated twin sheets when the bed is an extra-long twin, or hauling a loveseat up three flights of stairs to find out it's too big for the door.

Visit the room if you can, take photos, and make measurements, or ask the admissions office for a floorplan. 

Here are several tips for your new room:
-- Keep in mind that closet and storage space are often cramped, to say the least, so products that help you make the most of your storage space might be on the top of your list.
-- Many students like bunking two beds (if allowed by your school) to gain more valuable living space.
-- Or, if you can, consider raising each bed into a loft bed to get more storage space underneath. You might even be able to get a desk and chair under the bed!
-- Need a sofa but have no space for one? Collect recycled sofa back cushions to turn your bed into a comfortable lounging couch.

-- While not ideal, these options may make life bearable in a room with virtually no floor space or closet space.

One final bit of advice for a great room: work together with your roommate. If you can’t agree on a theme, then try to at least focus on a color scheme you can both enjoy.

Photos courtesy Bed Bath & Beyond ®