15 Recipes You Can Make in a College Dorm Room

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College is a time of fun new experiences, but also big life transitions–one of the biggest being transitioning from living at home where mom always has snacks on hand and a stocked fridge. When the dining hall just isn't cutting it, or your bank account's begging you to take a break from takeout, any of these delicious recipes can be prepared quickly and without any cooking supplies more complicated than a blender. From afternoon snacks between classes to finals pick-me-up's, college...MORE students will feel right at home with any of these easy dishes.

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    Spicy tortilla roll-ups make for an excellent afternoon or between classes snack. Don't have enough time to hit the dining hall? Make these in your room and bring them with you in a tupperware in your backpack!

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    Would you believe you can make a delicious salad AND a home made dressing without using any cooking supplies more complicated than a knife? See for yourself with this delicious romaine salad with queso fresco recipe, using delectable queso cotija cheese (your parents would be impressed)!

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    For upping your movie night game, look no further. Microwave caramel corn is incredibly easy and incredibly delicious. Invite some friends from down the hall, whip up some caramel corn and pick your favorite flick (Pitch Perfect, anyone?) for a fun night in!

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    Grilled Cheese Social

    Forget PB&J, this fancy-looking sandwich filled with goat cheese, rosemary ham, apple and arugula is unbelievably easy and totally do-able in a dorm room. If you're sick of dining hall cold cuts and yesterday's pizza, treat yourself to something delicious and healthy, like this recipe here!

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    The Spruce

    Looking for a little finals pick-me-up? Red velvet lava mug cake is your answer. This recipe is easy to make, uses just a microwave, and will give you the boost you need to finish that paper, ace that exam, or simply satisfy your late night cravings while you bury your nose in a textbook, studying.


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    Going or staying vegan in college can be hard, but you can stay strong with this easy and totally delicious bruschetta! With just tomatoes, olive oil, basil and a bit of salt & pepper, this makes for a delicious snack without any guilt.

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    Starbucks Frappucinos can be a costly luxury for many college students, but for those that need their fix, this is an easy at-home recipe that uses only a blender! Top with whipped cream for extra pizzaz.

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    The Spruce

    This is the perfect picnic sandwich for a day sunning on the quad or maybe a trip to the beach. With all no-cook ingredients, grab a loaf of sourdough and assemble this delicacy in mere minutes!

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    This caramel apple mug cake is another great variation on your average chocolate mug cake. Caramel apples are a fall classic, so try studying for your October midterms with one of these!

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    This recipe takes five short minutes to prepare and delivers big on taste. Try getting a little creative with your own combinations of vegetables. This recipe is so easy and there are endless delicious possibilities for making it over and over again! The recipe calls for vegan cream cheese, but you can always use regular cream cheese if you're not on a vegan diet.

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    Is a friend's birthday around the corner? When it's too expensive to order a custom cake and you don't have access to an oven, this ice cream sandwich cake is a fun and easy way to make someone's special day extra special.

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    Leah Maroney

    Remember your mom's roll-up snacks from when you were little? Take a little piece of home with you to school with easy buffalo chicken roll-ups, prepared in a dorm with minimal effort. These are great on the go snacks, for when you've got a busy day or a big test coming up!

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    "Poptails," popsicle cocktails, make for the perfect spring term party treat, for those 21 and over that live on a wet campus. With just a freezer, some fruit juice, and your favorite liquor, this recipe is hassle-free. Check out all the different variations!

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    The Spruce

    What college student doesn't love nutella? Try this easy four ingredient nutella mug cake, easily prepared in a microwave and great for any time you've got a chocolate craving.

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    For a cake that's a little less chocolate-heavy, try this fruity and fun creamy lime refrigerator cake, certain to please and easy to make in small portions, as seen in the photo!