10 Double-Sided Fireplaces

Double-sided fireplace

Mike Chajecki / Pizzale Design Inc.


There is no faster shortcut to creating a sense of homey comfort than a roaring fire, and no simpler centerpiece for a room design than an eye-catching fireplace with a striking fireplace mantel. And what is more luxurious than a beautiful fireplace? A double-sided fireplace that functions as a bold architectural room feature while adding warmth and atmosphere to adjoining rooms and allowing light to pass through from room to room even when the fire isn't lit.

Double-sided fireplaces can work as practical and aesthetic room dividers that link living and dining, primary bedroom and bathroom or break up the expanse of a double living room. Take a look at these double-sided fireplaces in a range of styles to inspire your home and hearth fantasies.

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    Primary Suite Double-Sided Fireplace

    Double-sided fireplace in a master bathroom

    hikesterson / Getty Images

    A sleek rectangular contemporary gray and white marble primary bathroom gets a touch of warmth and luxury with a double-sided fireplace that can be seen from the shower and bathtub or the bedroom. The slim profile of the transparent glass fireplace creates a visual and virtual connection between the rooms, and the peekaboo aspect between bed and bath adds a sensual note to an intimate space built for two.

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    Modern Pop Double-Sided Fireplace

    Pop living room in yellow orange and green

    Laurie Rubin / Getty Images

    In this mid-century double living room decorated in poppy shades of orange, yellow, and green, a double-sided fireplace adds structure and separation to the otherwise open space.

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    Contemporary Double-Sided Fireplace

    Double-sided fireplace

    Mike Chajecki / Pizzale Design Inc.

    In this sophisticated home in Mississauga, Ontario remodeled by Pizzale Design Inc., a textured double-sided fireplace open on one side separates the kitchen and the family room while maintaining an airy feeling. "The kitchen and family room were completely redesigned and decorated with contemporary flair and functionality, adding a cohesive flow from room to room," says interior designer Gabriele Pizzale. "The rooms were remodeled to include lower seating and an open concept layout that was divided by a double-sided fireplace, exuding lush comfort."

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    Music Room Double-Sided Fireplace

    Music Room Double Fireplace

    Andersen Ross / Getty Images

    This spacious double living room space is divided into a living area and a music room that houses a grand piano thanks to a double-sided fireplace. The partial room divider allows music to pass through to the living area and firelight to illuminate both spaces, as well as maintaining sightlines between rooms.

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    Concrete Double-Sided Fireplace

    Double-sided fireplace

    John Edward Linden / Getty Images

    In this mid-century modern-inspired primary bedroom suite, a streamlined bathroom with a polished concrete vanity and bathtub is outfitted with a black-framed double-sided fireplace at the head of the bathtub that affords a view of the fire and through to the uncluttered primary bedroom. Wood floors warm up the concrete and pull the design together.

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    Minimalist Double-Sided Fireplace

    Minimalist double-sided fireplace

    Westend61 / Getty Images

    In this luxe minimalist living room, a monolithic pale gray stone double-sided fireplace creates a focal point, dividing up a high-ceilinged, window-filled contemporary room to create a cozy seating area with large-scale overstuffed sofas and soft throw pillows. The double-sided fireplace adds visual and literal warmth; downward spotlights placed near the ceiling highlight the stone like a work of abstract art.

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    Rustic River Rock Double-Sided Fireplace

    Double fireplace

    Roger Brooks / Getty Images

    A large river rock double-sided fireplace between the bathroom and bedroom adds a rustic note to this primary suite and a view of flickering flames from the tub or the bed. The room's light earth-toned palette takes its cues from the sandy, gray and beige tones of the large round stones, creating a comfortable place to sleep or take a bubble bath.

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    Traditional Double-Sided Fireplace

    Master suite double sided fireplace

    EricVega / Getty Images


    A double-sided fireplace between the bedroom and bathroom of this traditional primary suite links the spaces and allows either firelight or daylight to pass through what would otherwise be a solid wall. With a kitchenette, this roomy primary suite is equipped for Sunday morning lounging and stay-at-home evenings when it's too cold to leave home.

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    Indoor-Outdoor Double-Sided Fireplace

    Double fireplace

    Mint Images / Getty Images

    This large double-sided stone fireplace creates a focal point in an open living and dining room as well as a screened-in porch on the other side of the wall. The indoor/outdoor fireplace functions like another window during daytime hours, allowing natural light from the outside to pass through to the inside.

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    Rustic Double-Sided Fireplace Room Divider

    Double-sided fireplace

    laughingmango / Getty Images

    A large stone double-sided fireplace between living and sleeping areas creates a rustic room divider and a cozy atmosphere when lit in a simple country cabin space. The chunky stone wall is lightened up by the glass fireplace insert and the mineral element offers relief from the heavy wood ceiling beams and matching wood floors.