25 Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas We Love

Modern bathroom with double vanity consisting of two oval mirrors over sinks

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Whether your primary bathroom is ultra sizable or on the smaller side, you may be looking to incorporate a double vanity into the space. Doing so will ensure that two people can comfortably utilize the sink area at once and will allow for additional storage, which is always beneficial. Plus, double vanities simply make primary bathrooms appear a bit more elevated and luxurious, which is always a welcome feeling.

If you're not sure which direction to go in terms of design style, you'll want to take a look at the double vanities below that demonstrate the variety of options to choose from. Craving color? Looking for bold, oversized hardware? Seeking something nice and modern? No matter your style, you'll find a double vanity that suits you.

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    Try a Soothing Blue

    light blue double vanity

    Design by Amy Peltier / Photo by Marisa Vitale

    Looking to include a colorful vanity in your space? Say hello to soothing light blue. Blues are a popular color choice for the bathroom due to their spa-like properties. Don't be afraid to opt for a bold backsplash to spice things up, though—this herringbone pattern is ultra eye-catching.

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    Hang Some Sconces

    marble and white double vanity

    Design by Amy Peltier / Photo by Bethany Nauert

    Sconces add charm to any vanity setup. These silver sconces complement the bathroom hardware and mirror style perfectly, resulting in a chic, cohesive look, all while ensuring you have enough light to properly apply your makeup.

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    Pick Customized Pulls

    vanity with large pulls

    Design by Amy Peltier / Photo by Marisa Vitale

    Customize your drawer pulls to your liking. Here, oversized knobs make it easy to access all kinds of supplies while getting ready in a hurry.

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    Go Modern and Sleek

    sleek modern vanity

    Embarc Design / Photo by Lara Kimmerer

    This bathroom is modern and sleek. For a streamlined look like this one, opt for vanities that are wall-mounted and do not have legs touching the floor. Drawers that do not have knobs are also nice and simple in nature.

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    Make Compact Spaces Serve You

    blue double vanity

    Lara Kimmerer

    Even if your bathroom is fairly compact, you can still fit a double vanity into your space by getting creative. A double medicine cabinet adds twice the storage, too.

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    Try an Industrial Look

    industrial vanity

    Lara Kimmerer

    This industrial vanity is eye-catching and unique. If you wish to continue your home decor style into the primary bathroom, by all means, do it.

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    Prioritize Plenty of Storage

    white double vanity

    Design by Joshua Smith / Photo by Lance Gerber

    If you require a substantial amount of storage, you'll want to prioritize a vanity with drawers galore. Here, there's truly a place for everything to be tucked away.

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    Pair Wood and Marble

    wooden vanity

    Design by Melinda Kelson O'Connor / Photo by Wendy Concannon

    Can't pick between wood and marble? Go ahead and opt for the best of both worlds! The end result is nice and contemporary.

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    Add Color With Floors

    blue vanity with marble

    Design by Melinda Kelson O'Connor / Photo by Wendy Concannon

    We don't see a lot of multi-colored double vanities, but if you just can't resist a pop of pattern in the bathroom, you can always take to the floors. Here, vibrant tile complements a blue vanity wonderfully.

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    Dazzle With Brass

    white and brass vanity

    Kern & Co

    This spacious bathroom is oh so glam. Brass accents add elegance to the vanity and continue in the form of hanging pendant light fixtures.

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    Include a Multitude of Drawers

    oversized vanities

    Design: Lindye Galloway / Photo: Chad Mellon

    The more drawers, the merrier. No, really! Don't be shy about going big if your space allows. Your vanity should be proportional to the size of your bathroom, so if you have an oversized wall, utilize it.

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    Say Yes to Squares

    vanity with space for stool

    Lindye Galloway

    For a fun twist on the ordinary, opt for square shaped drawers to mix things up in the bathroom.

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    Sit Down and Dress Up

    raised wood vanity

    Design: Living with Lolo / Photo: LifeCreated

    This airy vanity even contains space for sitting down and getting ready. Pull up a stool and sit back while you do your hair or apply makeup.

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    Say Bye to the Blah

    small vanity with brass details

    Design: Living with Lolo / Photo: LifeCreated

    It's more than ok to part ways with builder grade fixtures that don't inspire you. If the mirrors in your bathroom are a little lackluster, pick out some that speak to your style, whether they come in a classic geometric shape or are a bit more adventurous.

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    Get Nice and Glam

    black and white vanity

    Design: Living with Lolo / Photo: LifeCreated

    Make getting ready for the day feel more glam by installing plenty of pendant lights above your vanity. Hello, Hollywood!

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    Include Paneling

    double vanity with paneling

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Pay attention to how your vanity will appear from the side, too. Here, paneling adds interest to this utilitarian piece and can be admired from various angles.

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    Go Earthy and Natural

    earthy wooden vanity

    Design: Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo: Margaret Austin

    Bring on the warmth. This earthy wood vanity is excellent for mid-century modern enthusiasts and those who take cues from nature. The wooden sconces and mirror support this aesthetic as well.

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    Mix and Match Wood Tones

    bathroom with mixed wood tones

    Louis Duncan-He

    Mixing woods isn't just for the living room. Experiment with a few different tones in the loo to make a bold statement.

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    Get Comfy

    double vanity with seating

    Erin Williamson Design

    This double vanity also offers a seating area, which is made extra plush with the addition of a faux fur throw. It's giving a major boutique hotel bathroom feel, in the best way possible!

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    Try Sculptural Hardware

    vanity with bold brass hardware

    Victoria Bell Design

    Think big with your hardware—literally and figuratively. These sculptural pieces practically double as art, adding plenty of personality to the bathroom. What's not to love?

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    Style With Silver

    vanity with sconces

    Victoria Bell Design

    Silver mirrors and sconces shine in an otherwise black and white bathroom. Don't forget to add some metallics into your space if you wish, they will really pop.

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    Say Hello to Brass and Gray

    double vanity with gray and white

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Brass and gray are a winning combo in this sizable bathroom. Again, decorative pulls add stylish flair to this space.

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    Make It Midcentury Modern

    mid-century wooden vanity

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    This wooden vanity also has a mid-century modern look to it, resembling a hutch of sorts due to its feet. Upper cabinets provide even more storage than the typical double vanity.

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    Pare Down a Bit

    white and silver raised vanity

    JK Interior Living

    This raised white lacquered vanity is very 21st century. While it's small for a double vanity, it's excellent for those living a pared down lifestyle (and will force you to keep all of your cosmetics extra organized).

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    Get Into the Groove

    ridge double vanity

    JK Interior Living

    Add ribbing or ridged detailing to vanity cabinet fronts to make them really stand out, as is the case in this bathroom. Whether you take on a DIY project or purchase pre-made fronts is up to you.