Live Your Downton Abbey Dreams With 4 Inspired Color Palettes

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    Why We Love the Colors of Downton Abbey

    Downton Abbey
    "Downton Abbey" Masterpiece on PBS, Nick Briggs, Courtesy of Carnival Films & Television Limited 2012.

    Gorgeous colors and decor are a big part of Downton Abbey's appeal. Costume dramas don't rely solely on costumes to create a world that beckons us to get lost inside for hours. It's the colors that are carefully chosen for every element of the show, that draws us into these visual feasts. The soft and noble colors of the costumes and set decoration of Downton Abbey can definitely make us swoon. 

    You don't need an estate or a large staff, to get the sumptuous colors of Downton Abbey. These four color palettes can inspire your aristocratic dreams no matter how small or simple your space may be. 

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    Breath of Scandal

    4 Downton Abbey Color Palettes
    Diana Hathaway Timmons

    Breath of Scandal is the world of exchanged glances, an unseen brush of the hand, and secret love. This romantic and moody palette does not fade into a sentimental marriage of pastels but instead has just enough saturation to keep it interesting. Like the sweetness of a velvet gown, and the weight of rich dark woods, the Breath of Scandal palette is beautifully balanced.

    A master bedroom or guest room would be a wonderful choice for this soothing palette. Breath of Scandal uses the warmth of accents to keep the palette from being too precious. 

    Colors: Benjamin Moore Harvest Time | Benjamin Moore Apple Blossom | Benjamin Moore Falcon Brown | Benjamin Moore Love & Happiness

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    The Solicitor

    4 Downton Abbey Color Palettes
    Diana Hathaway Timmons

    Button-down sensibility doesn't have to mean drab blacks and grays. Any Downton Abbey devotee knows that even the most serious solicitor has been known to fancy a spot of color in an unexpected way. The Solicitor may appear to be all work and no play at first, but this is a playful palette when used in a modern or transitional space by using a spirited color like Briney for a sofa, or accent wall.

    The Solicitor palette is smart and tailored, with a dash of rich teal for character. These grounded and natural colors could be the color inspiration for a living room, bedroom, or den. 

    Colors: Sherwin-Williams Queen Anne's Lace | Sherwin-Williams Briney | Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore | Sherwin Williams Sheraton Sage

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    4 Downton Abbey Color Palettes
    Diana Hathaway Timmons

    Cheerful colors combine to create the fresh and sunny Marigold palette. Though this palette is an homage to the cheery colors of an English garden, it's also reminiscent of the pretty florals of the 1920s, that graced linens and house dresses of that era. The deep green of Behr's Agave Frond gives weight to this playful palette so that it can work in a variety of spaces. 

    The Marigold palette would shine in a sunny kitchen, or in a kitchen that could use more sun, too. This is a fun palette for a girl's room, as the sunny colors are balanced beautifully with the neutrals. 

    Colors: Behr Lemon Drops | Behr Carnation Bloom | Behr Cotton Fluff | Behr Agave Frond

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    Haxby Park

    4 Downton Abbey Color Palettes
    Diana Hathaway Timmons

    Like midnight in a formal garden, the Haxby Park palette is deep and moody but lightened with a pale blue moonbeam of color with Clark+Kensington's San Francisco Bay. This is the most relaxing of the four Downton Abbey color palettes. Haxby Park combines cool hues to create a serene palette suitable for a master bedroom, bathroom, or perhaps even a whole-house palette. 

    This weighty palette may seem serious at first, yet the genius of its versatility is in how you select your main colors and accents from the four. Using Garden Stone as a man color, is a cool and neutral look, with accents of Grounded and San Francisco Bay, and a touch of Black Chiffon. You are free to combine these livable colors in any way that works for your space because these gorgeous cool colors are beautifully compatible. 


    Colors: Clark+Kensington San Francisco Bay | Clark+Kensington Garden Stone | Clark+Kensington Black Chiffon | Clark+Kensington Grounded