Downy Wrinkle Releaser Product Review

Downy Wrinkle Releaser comes in small travel sized bottles.
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Whether we mean them to or not, wrinkles scream laziness or forgetfulness. This might be an okay impression for some scenarios in our life, but there are lots of others where this is the wrong message to send. Unfortunately, ironing, especially when you are in a hurry, isn't always a viable option. What do you do when you can't iron but need to look nice?

Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a great and fast way to get nice casual clothes looking wrinkle free.

For deep creases and more substantial wrinkling, the product can work well if combined with a dryer or an iron. This laundry tool seems like a necessity for travelers for its ability not only to rid packed clothing of wrinkles, but also to freshen with a light pleasant scent. Since it quickly removes wrinkles and freshens clothes, this product is also great for commuters or those in a hurry.


  • The product is very quick and easy to use. It requires little effort.  You spray and wipe the clothing to loosen the wrinkles.  Allow it to dry. Marvel at how amazing the results are.  Go on your merry way.
  • With a nice fresh smell, the wrinkle releaser also freshens clothes that might have been hanging around absorbing odors for awhile.
  • The wrinkle releaser was very effective on lightly wrinkled clothes, moderately effective on medium wrinkled clothes, and not as effective on deeply wrinkled items (without the aid of an iron or a dryer.)


    • The product can leave waterspots on special fabric types like silk and rayon. If in doubt on what it will do to your fabric, try it on a hidden seam or another hidden are of the clothing before spraying all over.
    • Just spraying the product onto a garment, smoothing, and allowing to dry was not always enough. This was especially true if the clothing had deep wrinkles or lots of them.


      • This product uses fiber relaxers to rid clothing of wrinkles.
      • Downy Wrinkle Releaser has a nice pleasant scent.
      • With just three easy steps, you can make the jump to less wrinkled clothes.

      Guide Review - Downy Wrinkle Releaser

      Step 1...spray. Step 2...tug and smooth wrinkles. Step 3...hang to dry. This simple three step process left me hopeful that I had found the magic solution to my most hated chore.

      What I found out is that the wrinkle releaser is almost magic for minor wrinkled items. I could take clothing in the closet that had been pressed too closely together and smooth it very easily with just a little effort. Even items that had been forgotten in a laundry basket before being folded benefited quite a bit from Downy's Wrinkle Releaser.

      My more heavily wrinkled items needed a little more attention. I found that by spraying clothing and then tumble drying on low, most could be made wrinkle free without ironing.  There were a few items that still had hints of wrinkles, though.  So for some items especially items with pleats, the only recourse to look perfect, will be an iron and ironing board.

      For my family's really nice clothes, the wrinkle releaser needed to be utilized as an ironing tool.

      Lightly spraying the clothing during ironing gave a nice freshly pressed look without the overbearing chemical scent of some of the other starches, sizers, and releasers. Overall the product does what it claims to do and can be a big saver in a time crunch.

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