How to Dowse for Better Feng Shui

hands with a dowsing pendulum

Brigitte Blättler / Getty Images

Dowsing is applied in feng shui when there is a need to uncover a hidden source of recurring problems. Dowsing is also applied before building a new house in order to use a powerful combination of the best possible energies on a given piece of land.

If you've just purchased a piece of land and are planning all the details of your new house, working with dowsing can give you excellent insights into the best location of important rooms and areas, such as the bedrooms, the front door, the kitchen, the home office, etc. If you are trying to improve the feng shui energy of an existing house, dowsing can help you uncover and heal the source of many worrisome occurrences.

It is important to understand that a questionable quality of energy is not always revealed by specific decor; a bedroom can look visually fabulous and still have low feng shui energy. If you are attuned to the way the energy feels, you will sense it right away; if you are not comfortable yet with using your senses for a deeper reading of any given space (or a person), it might take you a while to distinguish between a well-designed place and a place with good feng shui.

House Symptoms That Dowsing Can Address

  • The bedroom has low, stressful energy (can never have a good night sleep in it)
  • Specific areas that constantly draw in clutter
  • Areas with water leakages, mechanical or electrical breakdowns
  • A house with high conflict energy (people fight all the time since moving in)
  • You have difficulty concentrating in your home office
  • The house has an overall depressing energy

Geopathic stress often causes many of the above scenarios, so you might want to explore the topic of geomancy and earth energies more in-depth. Understanding geopathic stress will also help you pinpoint exactly what is happening in your home so you can have quick and efficient dowsing sessions.

How to Use Dowsing to Solve a Specific Problem

Make a List

Prepare for your dowsing sessions by making a list of all possible causes, such as the presence of geopathic stress, a specific site history, or EMF pollution sources. Use these questions to start your list:

  • Is there an underground water current in our bedroom?
  • Do we have a very high EMF level?
  • A negative underground vortex of energy?
  • Accumulation of negative energies from previous owners?
  • A crossing of earth lines?

Have Your Session When You're Calm

Have your dowsing session when you feel calm and centered; be sure you have done your absolute best with formulating all questions. The more questions you have, the higher your chances of uncovering the real cause of specific problems in your house.

Keep in mind that dowsing only gives you a "Yes", "No" or "Maybe" answer, so formulate your questions accordingly. You can also try using your floor plan for dowsing in addition to asking questions; this seems to work well for many people.

Answer Your Questions Fully

When you get a "Yes" to any of your questions, zoom into it until you are fully satisfied with the answer. For example, if dowsing suggests you have a crossing of Benker lines right under your bed, ask if moving the bed will help. If you get a "Yes", then it is easy, you just move the bed.

If you get a "No", then keep asking questions about possible solutions. You might need to research all available solutions for the problem that has just been revealed to you. Make a list that has questions about each solution, then dowse again in order to find the best one.

To achieve successful results with dowsing, research as much as you can about all possible causes for your current situation. Do not hesitate to include a variety of questions on your list—from numerous earth energies and EMF pollution to specific land history and even ghosts.