How to Throw a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Get ideas for a child's birthday party for a celebration that honors the author

Happy kids at a birthday party.

It's difficult to overestimate the impact Dr. Seuss has had on literacy for young children. By kindergarten, many kids are often able to recognize the Cat in the Hat symbol on Seuss' books and recite lines from some of his most popular titles.

To celebrate his influence (and to get kids jazzed about books in general), many schools throw Dr. Seuss birthday parties on or around March 2, which was Theodor Seuss Geisel's birthday. Kids also often choose to use a Seuss theme when their own birthdays roll around.

Either way, you'll find ideas here for bringing to life the Cat in the Hat, the Whos, Horton the Elephant and his other beloved characters.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Decorations

Dr. Seuss' illustrations are just as magical as the words he used to describe them. The pictures' bright colors are part of their charm.

When decorating for a Seuss party, stick with red and aqua and incorporating stripes and polka dots. Red and white stripes are another pattern/color scheme you can use, taking a cue from the Cat in the Hat's hat. 

You could also use red and aqua fabric to make custom party hats for the kids.

Other ideas for Dr. Seuss birthday party decorations:

  • Red and aqua balloons, streamers, plates, napkins, cups and tablecloths.
  • Clear jars filled with red and aqua candy.
  • Bags of blue cotton candy.

The best source of inspiration for Dr. Seuss party decorations are his books. Flip through One Fish, Two Fish and you'll be inspired to dangle paper fish from your ceiling. Read Horton Hears a Who and you'll want to make bouquets of pink clovers using craft pompoms and pencils (those would make great party favors, too).

Dr. Seuss Cakes and Cupcakes

Check out these clever ideas for Dr. Seuss cakes and cupcakes:

Don't trust your cake decorating skills? Make some easy, budget-friendly. paper cupcake toppers using images from Seuss' books.

More Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Food

No party is complete without serving the kids some green eggs and ham. Kids' Cooking expert, Stephanie Gallagher, shares a green eggs and ham recipe you can use to kick off your party menu. You could also make deviled eggs and add green food coloring to the yolk mixture before inserting it back into the hard-boiled eggs.

Wash down those green eggs with a cup of Pink Yink Ink drink (something the Yink drinks in One Fish, Two Fish).

Dr. Seuss Activities and Games

Here are some ideas for Dr. Seuss activities and games, whether your party is at home or in a classroom:

  • Pin the bow tie on the Cat in the Hat: Draw or purchase a large poster of the Cat in the Hat, cut out one red bow tie for each guest or student, blindfold the children, spin them around and let them attempt to place the bow tie in the right spot.
  • Hire an actor or ask a friend to come to the party dressed as a Seuss character. Have that person read one or two of his books in an animated way.
  • Die some eggs, as you would at Easter time, but don't pre-boil the eggs and use only green coloring. Take the kids outside and hold an egg-toss competition. Have teams of two stand just a foot apart at first, and then tell them to gently toss one green egg to each other. The kids then take a step back each time they successfully catch the egg. Once a player drops the egg (and it cracks), that team is out. The last team with an unbroken egg wins.
  • Check out the Seussville website's lesson plans for educators for more Dr. Seuss party activities.

Dr. Seuss parties are a wonderful way to celebrate the beloved author and to teach children that reading is fun.