25 Dream Bathrooms

Modern bathroom with freestanding tub, stand-in shower, bright windows and large mirror

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We all dream of a bathroom that's a little bigger, a little more practical, a little more luxurious. A larger tub, a rainfall shower head, a marble floor: these are all common dream additions to bathrooms. Here are 25 incredible dream bathrooms to inspire you.

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    Dream Bathrooms: Everything You Will Ever Want

    Dream Master Bathroom
    Gustavson/Dundes Architecture & Design

    This primary bathroom by Gustavson/Dundes Architecture & Design is a perfect example of a dreamy traditional bathroom with a soaking tub, a large shower, and beautiful design details.

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    Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" (or "Master Bathroom") as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    Artistic and Modern Dream Bathroom

    Artistic and Modern Dream Bathroom
    Munger Interiors

    A large painting is the focus of attention in this modern bathroom by Munger Interiors. All-white decor lets the art speak for itself, and touches of comfort and luxury make this space an inspiration for those who enjoy simple yet high-quality decor.

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    Dream Bathroom for Royalty

    Dream Bathroom for Royalty
    Duck & Shed

    If you're fond of baths, this contemporary bathroom in gold and white by Duck & Shed should inspire you. The space avoids looking too 80s by adding lots of flowers and an organic window covering. This tub is definitely worthy of royalty!

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    Large Bathroom With Arched Windows

    Large Bathroom With Arched Windows
    Caden Design Group

    This white, soft modern bathroom by Caden Design Group would look rather ordinary if it wasn't for the stunning arched windows adding a wonderful detail. Note how the windows are encased within the large frameless mirror, providing a seamless look.

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    Mediterranean Dream Bathroom With Scalloped Recess

    Mediterranean Dream Bathroom With Scalloped Recess
    Fratantoni Luxury Estates

    An almost circular tub sits in the middle of a mosaic in this Mediterranean bathroom by Fratantoni Luxury Estates. Large windows bring in plenty of natural light, while the scalloped recess provides space for decor and bath items. High ceilings gives a cathedral-like feel to this luxurious space.

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    Small But Dreamy Modern Bathroom

    Small But Dreamy Modern Bathroom
    Lovejoy Interiors

    There's something particularly dreamy about this light and airy modern bathroom by Lovejoy Interiors. The floating vanity, curved wood bench and simple botanical art makes this a space you can breathe and relax in. Bathrooms don't have to be the size of a living room to be luxurious!

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    Minimalist Contemporary Dream Bathroom

    Minimalist Contemporary Dream Bathroom
    ade architecture

    Some people's dream bathroom is more like this one: contemporary and minimalist. This space by ade architecture is seamless, harmonious, and uses clean, straight lines. A few touches of wood add needed warmth. 

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    Feminine Dream Primary Bathroom

    Feminine Dream Master Bathroom
    Jennifer Worts Design

    This feminine primary bathroom by Jennifer Worts features a large marble-topped double vanity with two separate frameless mirrors and a delicate silver pattern wallpaper. A subtle marble mosaic tile floor recalls the marble countertop without simply repeating it.

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    Dream Bathroom With a View

    Dream Bathroom With a View
    Gregory Phillips Architect

    How can you not relax while taking a bath with a view like this? This beautifully minimal contemporary bathroom by Gregory Phillips Architect​s ensures that nothing stands in the way of the large floor-to-ceiling window, not even the shower. A slim floating shelf serves as a vanity, while the tub is covered in a marble pattern for an organic touch.

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    Large Primary Dream Bathroom With Ornate Mirrors

    Large Master Dream Bathroom With Ornate Mirrors
    Jamie Herzlinger

    Dreams of the '60s are fulfilled in this large primary bathroom by Jamie Herzlinger. The skylight brings in lots of natural light, and the marble everywhere gives this space a luxurious feel. Some unconventionally ornate mirrors add personality and texture.

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    Dream French-Style Bathroom With Curtained Tub

    Dream French-Style Bathroom With Curtained Tubam bathroom
    Studio Mint​

    Curtained beds remind us of royal bedrooms, but what about curtained tubs? Watched over by a luxurious chandelier, this French-style bathroom by Studio Mint seems to literally come out of a dream, with the curtained tub and the double French doors. An eco-friendly cork floor keeps your feet warm no matter the season.

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    Dream Mediterranean Bathroom

    Dream Mediterranean Bathroom
    K Welch Homes

    Another dream bathroom in the Mediterranean style, this space by K Welch Homes uses heavy notes of copper and brass, as well as natural stone tile, to take us to a luxurious place. Note the Gothic-style cathedral alcove for the copper tub, finished by a dark shutter over the windows. 

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    Gilded Silver Dream Bathroom

    Gilded Silver Dream Bathroom
    Darren Chung Photography

    Traditional yet innovative, this dream bathroom with a gilded silver vanity by Jamie Hempsall highlights the grand estate views from the large window. A marble floor highlights the silver theme without overbearing, and lots of mirrors reflect abundant natural light.

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    Dream Zen Bathroom

    Dream Zen Bathroom
    Susan Jay Design

    Winds from Japan inspire this relaxing Zen bathroom by Susan Jay Design. A square tub sits on front of large patio doors and on top of a pebble floor, while simple wood accessories provide the necessary storage space for books, candles, and bubble bath. The surrounding greenery makes you feel at one with nature.

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    Larger Than Life Dream Bathroom

    Larger Than Life Dream Bathroom
    Britto Charette

    Everything in this dream modern bathroom by Britto Charette is larger than life: the step-in tub, the ceiling light fixture and the circular seating set right in the middle of the space. Yet, it works: there is plenty of space for two people to bathe, shower or wash up, and lots of luxurious details. 

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    Dream Bathroom With Roman Shades

    Dream Bathroom With Roman Shades
    Polsky Perlstein Architects

    What makes this modern bathroom by Polsky Perlstein Architects dreamy? Maybe it's the beautiful chandelier with quatrefoil pattern. Maybe it's the fluted freestanding tub. Maybe it's the beautiful roman shades that add a final detail with a subtle brass-colored pattern. Whichever is your favorite detail, this bathroom is a great example of dream design.

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    Dream Contemporary Bathroom With Steel Tub

    Dream Contemporary Bathroom With Steel Tub
    Mary Anne Smiley Interiors

    A steel tub sits in front of a curved stone wall in this contemporary bathroom by Mary Anne Smiley Interiors. This setting defines the space like few other features: the tubs is definitely the centre of attention here, its dark reflective surface contrasting with a soft green background. 

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    Dream Bathroom With Sauna

    Dream Bathroom With Sauna
    Prestige Saunas

    The height of bathroom luxury is an included sauna, and this contemporary, minimalist bathroom by Prestige Saunas has just that, along with a long, narrow tub. The whole still looks very spacious, thanks to glass sauna walls and large floor-to-ceiling windows. 

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    Traditional Dream Bathroom With Beadboard Walls

    Traditional Dream Bathroom With Beadboard Walls
    Hickman Design Associates

    A soft, cream-colored bathroom with beadboard walls and plantation shutters by Hickman Design Associates covers more traditional tastes. This large primary bathroom features vintage light fixtures and a natural slate floor that adds beautiful contrast. 

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    Dream Luxury Bathroom With Corner Tub And Fireplace

    Dream Luxury Bathroom With Corner Tub And Fireplace
    SB Design

    This large, decadent bathroom by SB Design may just be the epitome of luxury. Soft fabrics, a fireplace, a corner tub large enough for two, and chandelier fixtures will make any visitor feel like they are walking into a king's bathroom.

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    White Bathroom With Balloon Light Fixture

    White Bathroom With Balloon Light Fixture
    Werner Straube

    There is a strong "globe" theme in this beautiful, soft bathroom by Tom Stringer Design Partners. The balloon light fixture is echoed in the grey glass stool, and the soft edges of the freestanding tub keeps up with this theme. 

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    Vintage Dream Bathroom

    Vintage Dream Bathroom
    L.Kae Interiors

    A little eclectic, a little vintage, this gorgeous bathroom by L.Kae Interiors features a French chair with soft print and an Eastern-inspired stool. The large window provides a beautiful view from a freestanding tub.

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    Modern Dream Bathroom With Unique Light Fixture

    Modern Dream Bathroom With Unique Light Fixture
    Christian Grevstad

    Perfect for those with definitely contemporary tastes, this black and white bathroom by Christian Grevstad features a unique, feathery light fixture that attracts all the attention. 

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    Traditional Dream Bathroom With Field Stone Details

    Traditional Dream Bathroom With Field Stone Details
    Dream Homes Inc.

    This beautiful traditional bathroom by Dream Homes Inc. is inspired by the surrounding meadow with its field stones installed in the shower and around the tub. The warm colors make the space welcoming and relaxing. 

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    Dream Bathroom With Ocean Views

    Dream Bathroom With Ocean Views
    Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

    A narrow bathroom by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects appears double the size with large, unframed mirrors reflecting a gorgeous ocean view. The tub is perfectly positioned for admiring said view, and a narrow shelf along the wall serves as storage for necessities.