Stylish DIY Headboards You Can Make in a Weekend

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    Unique Headboards You Can DIY


    When both space and money are tight, a headboard is one of those items that stays on your décor wish list. But thanks to the following DIYs, you don't have to go without this stylish staple. Each of these small space friendly ideas will wake up a tired bedroom with unconventional style without busting your budget.

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    Cushy and Comfortable

    Large Cushion DIY Headboard
    HK in Love

    If you like to read before lights out, a cushy headboard, like the no-sew project shown here makes sitting up in bed super comfy. To make you'll need two items you can find at many big box stores: a bench cushion with a washable cover and wall-mounted coat rack.

    Tip: Not sure where to pick up a seat pad? Retailers like Target, Overstock and Pier 1, sell them for cheap.

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    DIY for Bibliophiles

    Hardwarestore DIY

    Want to make a bookish statement? One clever do-it-yourselfer upcycled old encyclopedias and atlases into a one-of-kind headboard. See the DIY.

    FYI: Here's the headboard that inspired this project.

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    How to Fake One

    headboard DIY

    Anyone can fake a headboard with paint. This mountainscape is easy to create with painter's tape.

    Tip: Need paint? Most home improvement stores sell 8-ounce interior samples in a wide range of colors for less than $5. 

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    Chic and Cheap

    DIY Plywood Headboard
    Miss Jettle

    Fans of Scandi style love plywood décor for its warm and natural beauty. You'll need one sheet to make this lovely headboard. Just mount to the wall and attach an IKEA RANARP clip light.

    Tip: Hate splinters? Consider sanding and sealing the plywood before installing.

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    Get Colorful

    Pegboard Headboard

    If you think nothing is duller than neutral colors, you can spice up your bedroom with this splashy headboard idea by Five Mile Factory. To make, just map out your design on a pegboard with painter's tape before painting.

    Tip: Want to hang stuff? Adding pegboard hooks creates vertical storage.

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    Go Boho

    Macrame Forest.

    You'll find macramé wall hangings similar to this beauty by Macrame Forrest over many guest beds at the swanky Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

    FYI: You'll need a spool of rope and wooden dowel to make. Watch this DIY macramé tutorial. 

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    Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

    how to make a headboard a ceiling tile headboard

    Create an expensive looking headboard using faux tin ceiling tiles. You can paint them, and they're also easy to hang with double stick tape.

    FYI: Many home improvement stores sell faux tin ceiling tiles for around $2.00 each. 

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    Two Tone Bedroom Walls

    Small Bedroom Ideas

    Two tone walls create the illusion of a headboard in this small bedroom. A paint roller formed the scraggly line between the two paint colors. The frames and photographs add visual interest by filling the space over the bed.

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    Peel and Stick

    diy headboards decal

    You don't need expert DIY skills to create this lovely rustic headboard. While it looks like the real thing, it's a wall decal. Many peel and stick options are both repositionable and removable making them an excellent choice for renters.

    Tip: You can find peel and stick decals like this one on Etsy for less than $50

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    Upcycle an Old Door

    Vintage Door Headboard

    If you're looking for an idea with plenty of vintage charm, you can use an old wood door to create a one-of-a-kind headboard. 

    FYI: Interior doors found in houses built before 1950 are typically solid wood. 

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    Hang a Wall Tapestry

    Urban Outfitters

    Back in the day when buildings didn't have much insulation, wood headboards were used to protect sleepy heads from cold drafts. These days, you can use a wall tapestry to warm up a cold bedroom wall.

    Tip: You can personalize any wall in your home on the cheap using a canvas drop cloth and permanent markers.

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    Grab the Washi Tape

    Washi Tape DIY headboard

    Update a boring bedroom wall with washi tape. The stuff won't harm walls when it's time to remove.

    Tip: Washi tape comes in a gazillion styles and colors — just Google!

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    Recycle That Cardboard Box

    DIY Headboard Using Fabric and Cardboard
    Stacie Stacie Stacie

    Would you believe this elegant headboard was created using fabric and cardboard? You'll find all the DIY deets here.

    Related: We think ​cardboard décor is perfect for urban nomads and dorm rooms.

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    Dreamy Pillows

    Oregon Live

    This idea creates a spot to rest your head while you're sitting up in bed. To make this comfy headboard, you'll need three matching pillows, some lovely ribbon, and a curtain rod. Here's the tutorial.

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    Rustic Inspired


    This hack gives a contemporary IKEA bed some rustic flair using weathered wood. To make just attached the planks to the bed's existing headboard. 

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    Mix and Match Wallpaper

    Wallpaper DIY Headboard

    Here's a stylish headboard that's a cinch to make with peel and stick wallpaper in different patterns. Just cut the wallpaper into hexagon shapes before applying.  

    Tip: You can also use also use peel and stick contact paper. It's available in a broad range of designs, and it's usually a lot cheaper than wallpaper. 

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    Quaint and Cute

    Quilted DIY Headboard

    If you have basic sewing skills, you could stitch up this fabric scrap headboard. For the all the crafty details go here.

    Tip: Got a lovely quilt? Grab a curtain rod and display it at the head of your bed.