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23 Stylish DIY Headboards You Can Make in a Weekend or Less

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    Homemade Headboards

    A dreamy headboard can transform a yawn-producing bedroom into a stylish sanctuary—and thanks to these do-it-yourself projects, you don't have to go without this decor staple. Each idea will wake up a tired space without busting your budget. Even better, some of these projects take less than one hour to make.

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    DIY Faux Brass Headboard

    Elevate a plain IKEA headboard into a glitzy showstopper with this golden DIY by Sugar and Cloth. To get cracking, you'll need a roll of peel and stick metallic vinyl.

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    Geometric Wood Headboard

    Got a miter saw? It's the only power tool you'll need to build this gorgeous geometric wood headboard by I Spy DIY. The assembly is incredibly easy and once all the glue has dried, you've got yourself a stunning headboard to brighten up your room. 

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    Jute Headboard

    Virtually any novice DIYer can create this boho-inspired, natural fiber headboard by Sarah Sherman Samuel. To do it, just staple together a couple of sets of matching jute placemats and table runners onto a wall and presto, new headboard.

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    Channel Tufted Headboard

    Here's an insanely easy and super stylish headboard project from Brady at Style by Emily Henderson. To get started all you need is some fabric, wood, and a staple gun. Wood screws, strap tie, batting, and some foam all come together afterward to assemble this stunning project. This tutorial also includes steps for creating a matching box spring cover. You'll be taking your bedroom from boring to absolutely chic. 

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    Cedar Shingle Headboard

    DIY newcomers rejoice! If you have $10 to spare you can make this cedar shingle headboard by East Coast Creative in a couple of hours. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to bring the farmhouse style into your bedroom then look no further.

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    Plywood Headboard

    Minimalists and fans of Scandinavian decor will love this simple plywood headboard by Mr. Kate for its natural beauty. Don't have basic woodworking skills? No worries. It's a cinch to build using pre-cut lumber. Just look for a hardware store that offers woodcutting with lumber purchases.

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    Faux Headboard

    It takes less than an hour to paint a faux headboard just like this one by Paper & Stitch. To create a crisp rectangle, you'll need painter's tape. This is the perfect way to bring a touch of your favorite color into your room.

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    Winged Headboard

    This no-sew upholstery project by Dorsey Designs uses four yards of fabric, 28 buttons, and around 250 brass nailheads to transform pieces of plywood into a chic, winged headboard. Cost including the foam stuffing? Around $140.

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    Macrame Headboard

    Hey, dream weaver, if this gorgeous textile headboard by House Sparrow Nesting doesn't inspire you to macrame, nothing will. This is one of the easiest ways to bring textile art into your room.

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    Live Edge Headboard

    Here might be the easiest woodworking project on our list. The live edge headboard by Classy Clutter only took a couple of hours to complete. The best part? Sawing out an organic design as shown is much easier than cutting a perfectly straight line.

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    Pegboard Headboard

    If you think nothing is duller than neutral colors, you can spice up your bedroom with this graphic, headboard tutorial by Our Fifth House. To make, just map out your design on a pegboard with painter's tape before painting. Afterward, add a few pegboard organizers for storage.

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    No-Sew Headboard

    Give an old headboard a chic new life with this tufted tutorial by​ Cre8tive Designs. The no-sew project uses a staple gun to do the job.

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    3D Wall Panels

    Create a Lego-inspired headboard as shown by Sweet Parrish Place using paintable 3D wall tiles. There are many ways to customize this, whether it's selecting your favorite paint color, choosing to add string lights, or adding other cute accessories once it's hanging on the wall.

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    Bohemian Headboard

    Leftover tile from a bathroom renovation inspired this lovely boho headboard by A Designer at Home. A walnut stain brings out the plywood's natural beauty.

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    Woven Wood Headboard

    This woven wood headboard by Little Bit Funky is insanely easy to make. After having the lumber cut to size at her local home improvement store, she wove the piece together and secured with wood glue.

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    DIY Pillow Headboard

    Rest your head while you're sitting up in bed thanks to this copper pipe headboard tutorial by Sarah Sherman Samuel. You'll need floor cushions, copper pipe, leather, needle and thread, an X-Acto knife, hammer and nails, and a tape measure to complete this project.  See Sarah's site for the full tutorial.

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    Rustic Headboard

    Master woodworker doesn't need to be a part of your do-it-yourself repertoire to make this farmhouse styled headboard by Lil' Luna. The blogger behind the project (a woodworking novice) was able to knock out the project in eight hours with her father's help. The project requires two power tools: a miter saw and drill. 

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    Woven Headboard

    Don't throw out those vertical blinds! You can use them to make this woven headboard by Mad in Crafts. The ingenious blogger who created the project says retailers sell similar, but smaller versions of this headboard for around $700. However, her statement-making creation cost less than $70. Not bad, eh?

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    Farmhouse Headboard

    You can make this farmhouse-inspired ​king-size headboard by Deeply Distressed for less than 50 bucks. The do-it-yourselfer built this beauty using inexpensive pine boards.

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    Diamond Tufted Headboard

    We love any project that reveals little known DIY tips. This diamond tufted headboard tutorial by Make, Bake, and Love includes a few helpful tricks, including how to poke holes in foam using a broom.

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    Chevron Headboard

    A headboard identical to this DIY version by East Coast Creative costs $1,600 at a modern furniture store—but if you have basic woodworking skills you can make it for less than $100. ​

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    Cardboard and Fabric Headboard

    DIY Headboard Using Fabric and Cardboard
    Stacie / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

    It may be tough to believe, but it's 100 percent true: This elegant headboard by Flickr user Stacie is fabric wrapped cardboard.