Dreamy Bathroom Ideas: Will One Work For YOUR Home?

Luxurious Modern Bathroom
Getty / ML Harris

Luxury and modern are defined in this bathroom design by the inclusion of the linen-look ceramic floor tiles, as well as the off-white glass field wall tiles laid in a grid pattern. The freestanding bathroom vanity cabinet provides a feeling of airiness because it is mounted on legs rather than a squat base. The idea of "modern" is completed by the dual vessel sinks on top and engineered stone bathroom vanity top and by the spacious, full-length bathroom with the side-mount faucet.

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    Modern and Unique Bathroom Idea

    Bathroom Design Gallery Pictures

    Mosaic tile always works great in the bathroom, especially as a backsplash. Pair up this active mosaic tile with the smooth, sleek lines of a frameless mirror.

    • Vessel sink.
    • Cantilever wooden bathroom counter.
    • Marazzi glass mosaic tiles, Opalie Marfil and Beige.
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    Bring the Seaside to Your Bathroom

    Bathroom Design - Valspar

    Light and airy and green: this bathroom rocks the concept of seaside living...whether or not you live within sniffing distance of the ocean air.

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    Take a Trip to the Mountains with This Inspired Cottage Bathroom

    Bathroom Paint Designs

    Get a woodsy feeling with this bathroom design idea, emphasizing the rich earthen colors from Valspar's Eddie Bauer Collection.

    • Cast-iron tub. You can also buy acrylic "cast-iron" tubs.
    • Valspar, Eddie Bauer Collection, Burnt Brick and Vanilla Bean.
    • Wainscot.
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    Bathroom Design: a Study in Black and White

    Bathroom Pictures

    Cost-wise, you'll find lots to love with this bathroom design idea: improvising a ladder as a towel rack; 13" tile doing double duty as both floor field tile and as baseboard; simple, brushed nickel fixtures and accessories.

    • Armstrong Suede 13" x 13" tile.
    • Cast-iron or acrylic tub.
    • Ladder as a towel rack.
    • Contrasting floor tiles.
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    A Pretty Amazing Bathroom

    Great Bathroom Designs
    A Dreamlike Bathroom from American Florim. American Florim

    Ah, we can dream, can't we? It's not so much the expense of the materials for this bathroom design idea; it's the square footage needed to make the idea a reality.

    As it turns out, the lovely tile used here, by American Florim, is quite cost-effective.

    • American Florim tile (inset), Navajo series.
    • Frameless shower.
    • Natural light via skylight over shower and tub.
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    Floating, Airy Bath Design Maximizes Natural Light

    Bathroom Design Ceramic Tile

    This bathroom design idea succeeds because nothing is as you might expect. There are no fixed-in-place cabinets. No pedestal sinks. No drop-in sinks.

    Instead, we have plenty of free-standing furniture and soft textiles. A cantilevered sink supporting a simple vessel sink. And the wall tile comes up roughly five feet, culminating in a fancy listello.

    • Cantilever counter.
    • Vessel sink.
    • Armstrong Perla Marble (Ceramic Tile) 13" x 13"
    • Armchair.
    • Free-standing, glass door cabinet.
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    Greco-Roman Bathroom Design

    Bathroom Design Pictures
    Formal But Warm Bathroom Design. Armstrong

    From bathroom designer Kathi Dixon and Armstrong, a formal yet warm bathroom design idea, employing rich woods and heavy draperies.

    • Greco-Roman style.
    • Custom-built cabinets.
    • Armstrong Cantera Mixta Sheet Vinyl Flooring
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    Bungalow Bathroom Design

    Bathroom Design Ideas Picture
    Paint: Dutch Boy High Spirits C20-4 and White Trim. Dutch Boy

    Here's a bathroom design idea for traditional homes.

    • Sconce lights.
    • Pedestal sink.
    • Beadboard wainscot.
    • Antique bronze fixtures.
    • Freestanding cabinet.
    • Paint: Dutch Boy High Spirits C20-4 and White Trim
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    A Modern and Sleek Bathroom Design

    Tile Bathroom Design
    • Tile from Merola.
    • Open-front sink cabinet.
    • Built-in sink.
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    Modern, Metal, and Mies Bathroom Design

    A Bathroom Design

    About as cool and sophisticated as bathroom design ideas get. This design features black as a dominant color—in the door frame and tub—and brushed nickel as the metal of choice for the fixtures and accessories.

    • Mies van der Rohe replica Barcelona chair
    • Translucent window
    • Black door frame (why must all door frames be white?)
    • Armstrong Avignon Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile 13" x 13", Satin Finish
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    A Country Feeling, Wherever You Might Be

    Bathroom Picture Galleries

    This is a bathroom design that fits anywhere. Plenty of natural materials—plants, wicker, wood—balance out the less-than-natural resilient flooring. However, in a moist environment like a bathroom, organic materials rot and warp; sheet vinyl flooring performs well in these places.

    • Copious house plants!
    • Pedestal sink.
    • Free-standing wicker furniture.
    • Marble Whisp II Beige Swirl 6 ft. & 12 ft. Resilient Vinyl Sheet - Armstrong
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    A Perfect Bathroom for the Lil' Ones

    Bathroom Design Idea
    Valspar. Valspar

    These yellow and blue colors are enough to snazz up any kid's bathroom. And if you're an adult and want these colors too, we'll let you do so (and we won't let your secret out).

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    Bathroom Design Idea. Mediterranean Sea Included.

    Bathroom Design Galleries
    Hispano Azul

    A bathroom design from my favorite tile manufacturer, Hispano Azul.

    • Tuareg tile, 23.6"
    • A sleek, modern porcelain bathtub
    • Open shower
    • Teak shower floor
    • ...and a stunning view of the Mediterranean outside the windows
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    A 5-Star Hotel Bathroom? Or Your Bathroom?

    Bathroom Pictures
    • Double pedestal sinks
    • Cast-iron tub
    • Tile: Armstrong Classically Marble Collection, Satin Finish, 13" x 13"
    • Free-standing cabinet
    • Chandelier
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    Elegant, Showy Italianate-Style Bathroom

    Bathroom Tile from Eleganza

    Tile is the star of this bathroom design idea. With the two field tiles separated by a listello, this design makes for an elegant yet casual bathroom.

    • Free-standing lamp, the same type you would put on your bedstand (who said you can't do this?)
    • Two drop-in stainless steel sinks, 17 1/4 inches x 14 1/4 inches x 7 inches
    • Eleganza Laguna series tiles. Two different field tiles separated by a listello--a border tile