11 Dresser Alternatives That Will Make You Rethink the Way You Store Clothes

Bedroom with steamer trunk and armoire as dresser alternatives
Perry Mastrovito / Getty Images

If you’re transforming your bedroom into a stylish and unique refuge, consider swapping out your old dresser for a new clothes storage system. While dressers are functional, they can sometimes be eyesores, and there are several alternatives to dressers that will elevate your space while remaining functional for storage purposes.

Whether you want to replace your dresser completely or simply add some extra clothes storage to your space, check out these dresser alternatives for smart ideas to help manage your wardrobe.

Fabric Bins

One of the simplest ways to swap your dresser for a new system is to transfer your wardrobe into fabric bins and keep them on shelves or elsewhere around your room. Fold your clothes neatly and compactly to keep everything tidy. Then, you’ll be able to pull out the right bin and find the top you’re looking for with no issues.


Armoires are standing closets that you can use to store your clothes in. They originated in the 17th century and were often built of oak. While their overall look has changed since then, with new features like doors and drawers to hold clothing, their functionality has not. If you have a small space or if you want to find a more stylish alternative for your drab dresser, an armoire is a great choice.

Garment Rack

Your wardrobe can double as a decor piece while avoiding wrinkles with a garment rack. Garment racks are especially great if you’re running low on closet space. And if you get one with wheels, you can rearrange your room on a regular basis to suit your mood.


Classy and timeless, trunks, steamer trunks, or chests are an ideal way to make your space a little more chic while still having a place to store all of your favorite clothes. Trunks offer a lot of storage space, which can act as a kind of black hole for the clothes you hardly wear. To combat this, fold your clothes neatly and go through them regularly. Consider a cedar chest to serve as a natural pest deterrent.

Under-Bed Storage

Dressers can take up a lot of valuable floor space. If your bedroom is small, swap out your dresser for under-the-bed storage. You can purchase or build your own bed that has built-in drawers underneath for easy access. Alternatively, you can buy plastic bins that are thin enough to fit under your bed

Having under-the-bed storage will free up your floor space, leaving you much more room for more important things (like more houseplants).

Shelving Storage

Instead of using a dresser with clunky drawers, take advantage of wall space in or out of your closet. Build your own shelves (or hire a contractor to do it) and stack your folded clothes on top. Depending on how much shelf space you have, you may not even have to stack them at all, which can be a very chic look.

Clothes Cabinet 

While a dresser can hold your folded clothes, a cabinet can hold hanging clothes with a built-in clothing rack. Some cabinets often have drawers as well, making it a great all-in-one furniture piece that doesn’t take up very much space.


Middle school throwback, anyone? Lockers are stylish furniture pieces that come with a heavy dose of nostalgia and lots of charm. You can have your very own locker in your bedroom to store all of your clothes in. Compared to dressers, lockers take up less floor space and may even come with enough vertical space to hang more delicate items.

Open Closet

Whether you have a small bedroom without a closet or you love admiring your wardrobe at all times, an open closet is a great option and a functional alternative to a traditional dresser. You can customize your open closet however you’d like and let your wardrobe double as bedroom decor. Add shelves, drawers, hooks, cubbies, and more for space to keep all your clothes and accessories.

Built-in Closet

If you don’t have one already, consider building in your own closet. There, you can add shelves, drawers, and other storage spaces to hold your clothes. With all that storage, you won’t need a dresser at all.

Standalone Wardrobe

Similar to an armoire, standalone wardrobes are essentially free standing closets. They have room for drawers to hold clothes and typically also include an area to hang items as well. If you have delicate items beyond basic cotton tees and jeans, hanging them will help them last longer.