When to Save and When to Splurge on Home Decor, According to Drew Scott

Spoiler alert: Save on rugs!

An incredible DIY project from Drew Scott, Lone Fox

Drew Scott

If your home is in need of a refresh, one of the biggest constraints can be balancing your budget. It seems like everyone has a horror story about a well-intentioned decor upgrade gone financially awry.

Fortunately, Drew Scott is here to help. We talked to the DIY aficionado, blogger at Lone Fox, and YouTuber with over one million followers, and he shared how he decides when to splurge and when to save on home decor.

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    Splurge: Window Treatments

    window treatments in the home of drew scott, the lone wolf

    Drew Scott

    “I recently learned how expensive curtains can be, but also how much they can elevate a space,” said Drew. After moving into an apartment that came equipped with all sheer panels, sourcing replacements moved to the top of his to-do list. 

    “While it was pretty costly to purchase all new panels, it made SUCH a difference,” Drew told us. “I opted for a thicker, light-blocking curtain that was a stunning linen material. They were around $50 a panel but I already know they will last for years to come.”

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    Splurge: Timeless Furniture/High Traffic Pieces

    timeless furniture in the home of drew scott, the lone fox

    Drew Scott

    “Couches, accent chairs, dining chairs, a mattress… basically anything your butt will be on are the most used pieces in a home,” Drew explained. This is why high-traffic areas are deemed splurge-worthy.  

    “Spending extra to get a nice couch or chair is so worth it, not only for comfort but because it will last you 5/10/20+ years,” Drew said. “A good night's sleep is KEY.” That’s why he is adamant that a good quality and comfortable mattress is not the place to skimp. “Many brands have trial periods, so you can be confident in your mattress selection. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your sleep!”

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    Splurge: Paint

    gray paint on the walls of the bedroom in drew scott's apartment

    Drew Scott

    Given Drew’s career as a DIYer and interior guru, it shouldn’t surprise you that he feels strongly about high-quality paint. “Investing in quality paint is so important,” said Drew. “It will seriously make your life so much easier. There is nothing worse than getting a paint that requires five coats, trust me. Your arms and sanity will be thanking me later.” 

    If you’re wondering if there’s an alternative wall-covering option to help you save, the answer is probably no. “The same goes for wallpaper,” Drew told us. “It’s so worth spending [the] extra money to have something that will be easier to install.

    black shelves are part of the decor of drew scott's apartment

    Drew Scott

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    Splurge: Light Fixtures

    a black light fixture hangs over a bed in the home of drew scott, the lone fox

    Drew Scott

    Lighting is one area that’s often overlooked, but Drew warns that this should not be the case. “Lighting is one of the first things someone notices in a room,” he said. “It elevates the space and will make a huge impact.” 

    Unfortunately, it’s also easy to mess up. “There is nothing worse than bad overhead lighting! If you have terrible lighting or not a lot of natural light, consider spending some money on a great floor lamp or [great] overhead lighting.”

    Lighting is one of the first things someone notices in a room."

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    Save: Rugs

     a rug in the home of drew scott, the lone fox

    Drew Scott

    Rugs are notoriously expensive, but Drew’s not sure it has to be that way. “We all know rugs can really break the bank; an 8 x 10 area rug can easily cost $600+. Not to mention, they don’t last nearly as long as they should, especially in high-traffic areas or if you have a pet.”

    Instead of splurging, this is one area Drew says to price-shop. “I like to switch up my rugs every year or so. It’s a small change [that] helps to refresh a room. With that being said, I never like to spend hundreds on rugs. I love to shop at Rugs USA or even IKEA for rugs! They have so many affordable yet on-trend options.”

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    Save: Trendy Furniture Pieces

    Trending furniture (tiled nightstand) and white plaster art piece in the home of Drew Scott

    Drew Scott

    It’s easy to fall into the trend trap, especially if you’re sourcing your inspiration from social media. But Drew warns, “Home décor trends come and go in the blink of an eye. Do not splurge on trendy items.” 

    Especially when there are plenty of alternatives. “You can easily DIY your own version of these 'trendy' furniture pieces for a fraction of the cost,” suggests Drew. “If you’re not a DIYer, look on Target, Zara, or even H&M home for some less expensive options.”

    Use the money you saved and spend it “on the timeless pieces that will be a staple in your home for years to come.”

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    Save: Decorative Accents

    decorative accents in the home of Drew Scott, the Lone Fox

    Drew Scott

    When it comes to refreshing a space, upgrading your decorative accents is a small but mighty way to make a change. But as important as these items are, “there is no need to blow your budget on throw pillows, vases, frames, and candles," said Drew. "Try checking out Home Goods, Amazon, Wayfair, or even your local thrift store. I love finding vases at thrift stores and spray painting them to match my home’s aesthetic.

    If you’re worried people will be able to tell, Drew promises that’s unlikely. “Honestly, no one can tell a difference between a $500 vase and a $2 vase. It’s really how the room looks in the end.”

If you’re still not quite sure where to begin, Drew has plenty of price-saving tips. “There are so many great DIY home decor tutorials on my YouTube channel!”

So take that to-do list, decide where you want to splurge, and see what you can DIY on a budget!