How to Make an Eyeglass Frame for Duct Tape Spoof "Safety" Glasses

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    Cut Wire for Frame From Hanger

    Wire Hanger Being Cut for Glasses Frame. Bob Formisano / The Spruce
    This tutorial is one of four modules in How to Make Duct Tape Spoof "Safety" Glasses.
    In this module we'll walk through how to make the eyeglass frame for the glasses.

    Cut the Bottom Section of Hanger
    You'll make the frame from the bottom of a wire hanger. I prefer a sturdy unpainted hanger. Painted ones can work but the paint / coating will crack as you bend the wire. This is just a pet peeve as the wire will be largely covered in duct tape by the end of the project anyway, I just prefer an unpainted wire hanger.

    • Cut the hanger about one inch in from each end to obtain a long, straight section of wire.
    • This will leave a curve at each end of the hanger to form the temple / ear piece later on.
    • Use a long nose pliers or wire cutter to cut the hanger as shown in the photo.
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    Coil Wire Around Beer Bottle

    Wrap Wire Around Beer Bottle. Bob Formisano / The Spruce
    This step forms the straight wire into a round coil for the lens frame.
    To form the wire, proceed as follows:
    • Grasp one end of the wire in each hand and place behind the bottle
    • Using the bottle as a form, press the wire around the bottle tightly to create one coil.
    • Repeat the wrap a second time to form the second coil.
    • Press the wire tight to the bottle in these steps.
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    What the Coil Should Look Like

    Completed Coil. Bob Formisano / The Spruce
    Once you've completed the two coils, the wire should look similar to the photo above, with two completed round coils.
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    Starting the Frame Fabrication

    Start Bend at Left Lens. Bob Formisano / The Spruce
    In this step we'll start shaping and fabricating the wire frame for the glasses. Assuming you are right-handed proceed as follows. If left handed, reverse these instructions:
    • Grab the wire coil so it is coiling counterclockwise and the end of the coil is in an 11:00 o'clock position
    • Take the pliers and grab the wire at the 1:00 o'clock position
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    Begin Bend for Nose Piece Bridge

    Begin Bend for Nose Piece. Bob Formisano / The Spruce
    Now we can begin forming the nose piece bridge.
    • Rotate the wire from the 1:00 o'clock position clockwise to begin the bend for the nose piece bridge.
    • Rotate until the rotated wire is in about a 90 degree right angle to the left lens
    • It should be slightly below the height of the 11:00 o'clock coil end as seen in the next step.
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    Complete Bend for Nose Piece Bridge

    Complete the Bend for Nose Piece. Bob Formisano / The Spruce
    Now we will complete the bend for the nose piece bridge. In the photo you can see that the previous bend created a flat horizontal section. This will be the nose piece. To compete the bend proceed as follows:
    • Leaving about the width of your thumb for the nose piece bridge, grab the coiled wire
    • Bend sharply down in a clockwise rotation until the rotated wire is again about a 90 degrees to the bridge of the nose piece as shown in the next step.
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    Position Nose Bridge and Right Lens Frame

    Position Right Lens Frame. Bob Formisano / The Spruce
    Now that the right lens frame is rotated into place, the nose bridge is formed.
    • Grabbing the right lens frame with the pliers, rotate the wire frame to properly shape the right lens.
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    Trim Wire to Form Right Lens Frame

    Trim Lens Frame Wire. Bob Formisano / The Spruce
    The next step is to trim the excess material to form the right lens frame.
    • Cut off the excess wire at about the 1:00 o'clock position.
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    What the Frame Should Look Like

    Formed Wire Frame. Bob Formisano / The Spruce
    Once the previous steps are completed the frame should look symmetrical and have round lens openings as shown in the above photo.
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    Final Frame Adjustment and Tutorial Next Steps

    Bend the Frame Straight. Bob Formisano / The Spruce
    The last step is to gently bend the frame so it is straight.

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