Dumpster Inspired Micro Apartment Can Move from City to City

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    Kasita: Meet Professor Dumpster

    Professor Dumpster, Dumpster Project
    Dumpster Project

    Meet Professor Dumpster, aka Dr. Jeff Wilson. He’s a Harvard-educated professor, who spent a year living in a 33-square foot trash receptacle on the campus of Huston-Tillotson University in Texas

    His yearlong stunt inspired a portable micro apartment called Kasita that can move with you from city to city. Even better, it may be the only high-tech home that's actually affordable.

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    Kasita: How This Micro Apartment Works

    High-tech micro apartment Kasita
    A rendering of a Kasita rack filled with apartments. Kasita

    So if you think you can tow a Kasita apartment like one of these tiny houses, you can't.  However, just like a dumpster rental, they're a cinch to transport via a truck with a flatbed.

    Here's how it works.

    Each Kasita unit is a 208-square-foot smart home that becomes fully operational when plugged into any Kasita rack, which is a multilevel structure that provides multiple apartments with power, water, plumbing and of course, a mailing address.

    You can request a move from one Kasita rack location to another, using an app on your smartphone. If there's rooms for your unit, the powers that be at Kasita will pick up your home and move it to its new location.

    To get the gist, check out this video by Tech Insider.

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    Kasita: Peek Inside This Tiny Smart Home

    Storage wall in Kasita a micro apartment
    Kasita's wall organization system. Kasita

    Each Kasita apartment is loaded with smart home features including voice-activated technologies for controlling virtually anything plugged in from room temperature to the roll out bed. 

    Another neat feature is the home's wall tile system. It's the ultimate storage wall that can be easily reconfigured to suit your storage needs.

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    Kasita: Affordable Apartments Opening Soon

    Kasita Smart Home

    How much will each unit cost?

    Unlike this clever condo or this high-tech studio, each Kasita unit will be truly affordable. 

    The first location is scheduled to open in Austin, Texas in 2016. Each unit will rent for around 50 percent less than the market rate for studio apartments

    Ten additional locations are slated for 2017 in cities starved for affordable housing. Here's the complete list: Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Marfa, Seattle, Tucson, Portland, Washington D.C., and one abroad in Stockholm.

    For more information visit: Kasita.