Dunn-Edwards Chooses Terra Rosa as Their 2023 Color of the Year

House in Dunn-Edwards' Terra Rosa


It’s undeniable that in 2022, calming greens took center stage. Now, as we look ahead, it seems that brands are realigning their color trend predictions. Things are warming up for 2023, with selections ranging from warm browns to dusty pinks—and paint brand Dunn-Edwards is the latest to announce their pick for next year’s Color of the Year.

Dunn-Edwards selects Terra Rosa—a shade they describe as “a scorched-earth, approachable hue with rosy pink tones and a touch of terra-cotta.” 

Entryway painted in Dunn-Edwards' Terra Rosa


To make their official selection, color expert and stylist Sara McLean “took on an extensive anthropological study of color,” and landed on this shade that draws inspiration from modern fashion, lifestyle, and culture. 

“We moved from the introspection of behaviors to empowerment and action, independence and self-reliance," McLean says. "We’re putting health and wellbeing first, making time for escapism and embracing nostalgia. In everyday life, this comes through as an appreciation of simple pleasures.”

We connected with McClean ahead of the announcement, and she shared her vision for Terra Rosa—and explained why color palettes across the board are centering around warming colors more than they have in recent years.

Terra Rosa borders on the bold while still giving comfortable, neutral vibes.

Dunn-Edwards' Terra Rosa


"The world continues to feel out of sorts, and many feel heightened anxiety and a desire for control. During these times, warmer colors trend forward, as they signify feelings of coziness and comfort,” McClean says. “Also, warmer hues have been trending for a while, as color trends are cyclical. While grays dominated the 2010s, consumers tend to start pushing towards the opposite end of the spectrum after some time, ready to be surrounded by different sides of color.”

As a part of Dunn-Edwards’ Life in Poetry color palette, Terra Rosa is just one shade in a family of hues that, according to the brand, represent “a vacation that lasts all year long, embracing a relaxed summertime lifestyle." Exactly what we all crave, always.

Bedroom painted in Dunn-Edwards' Terra Rosa


Terra Rosa would be a great pop of color and warmth in almost any room, but some favorites for the Dunn-Edwards' team are bedrooms, bathrooms, dining areas, and outdoor areas.

“With a deep, rosy glow, adding Terra Rosa to bedrooms paired with soft white linen bedding and touches of pearl accents adds a feeling of coziness and warmth," McClean explains. In dining areas, Terra Rosa could add some excitement, since it closely borders red, and in outdoor spaces, it could create a cozy vibe with its undertones of terracotta.

If you’re considering Terra Rosa for your own space, you’re in good company—it’s a color that manages to feel both bold and familiar.

“People are yearning to push boldly forward with color,” McClean says. “Terra Rosa borders on the bold while still giving comfortable, neutral vibes.”