A Tennessee Hotel With Swoon-Worthy Style

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    Bold Lobby

    banana leaf wallpaper pink sofa
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a historic building has taken on new life as the beautiful Dwell Hotel. With a historic past that harkens back to the Civil War, this sophisticated hotel certainly has a story to tell. Moving from the eras of war, through the roaring 20s, the Civil Rights Era, and now firmly in the 21st century, owner Seija Ojanpera has established a boutique hotel that honors the area's vibrant history. That vibrance is reflected in the design of this 16-room hotel. Ojanpera along with Laurel Creager, Head Buyer, have crafted an interior that is equal parts luxury, elegance and southern comfort. 

    Iconic Martinique wallpaper decorates the walls of the hotel lobby. The vibrant banana leaf print plays off the nearby millennial pink sofa.


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    Gilded Entrance

    geometric wallpaper gold details
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    The hotel lobby provides a peek of what can be expected in all 16 rooms - a mix of midcentury modern, vintage pieces, retro styling and Hollywood glam. The cool mixture of styles makes this boutique hotel feel like home. In the entry, cool touches like a walnut check-in desk with brass trim stand out as unique features in the space. 

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    Vintage Reception

    yellow midcentury sofa on a green shag carpet
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    With an eye for great style, the design duo set out to discover pieces from unlikely sources. Items were sourced from estate sales and online sites like eBay and Craigslist. Special finds included midcentury modern pieces like chairs and tables. Here in the reception area, these found pieces bring in a cool retro vibe.  

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    Striking Palette

    atomic chandeliers in a mid-century inspired dining hall
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    The mantra for The Dwell, where luxury meets retro, and high class meets high comfort. That maxim speaks in the hotel's design aesthetic, which is a special blend of luxury meets comfort. The hotel has an in-house restaurant, Terra Máe. The place to eat when visiting Chattanooga, the menu celebrates an adventurous spirit. And that sense of adventure is also embraced in the design, with a colorful palette that is striking and oh so inviting. Chairs have been upholstered in smile-inducing yellow, while bench seating is upholstered in dark eggplant. The color palette embraces feel-good style. 

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    Beautifully Carved

    retro brass artwork above fireplace mantel
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    Throughout this stunning boutique hotel there are elements that take you back to its earlier years. A carved stone fireplace has been lovingly restored. The pre-war design brings a soulful element into the restaurant. 

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    Yellow and Brick Bedroom

    exposed brick and yellow curtains in guest room
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    The hotel's sixteen rooms sport cool names. In The Mod, the executive suite sports a king size bed, soaking tub and gas fireplace. The room contains the retro elements that were spotted in the reception area. Yellow drapes highlight the high ceilings. The color also brings a 1970s feel into the space. Vintage brass table lamps complete the look. 


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    70s Suite Style

    A Tennessee Hotel With Swoon-Worthy Style
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    In the executive suite, a gas fireplace was placed to keep guests cool in the evenings. The yellow drapes continue the color palette from the bedroom into the living area. Textiles with a pop of orange, and a tangerine painting over the mantel complete the 70s feel. 

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    White and Brick Bedroom

    White bedroom with exposed brick wall
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    Each suite has been designed with its own unique identity and color palette. While The Mod suite was all about yellows and oranges, here, the Tropicana Suite embraces cool greens and blues. The room features a midcentury bed, as well as side tables and seating. Vintage art has been incorporated to add warmth and a homey quality to the space. A brick wall remains intact. A great historical touch for the space. 

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    Graphic Wallpaper and Colorful Chairs

    Green graphic wallpaper and yellow midcentury chairs
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    Just like in the hotel lobby,  Ojanpera and Creager have no fear of color and pattern. A striking plant life wallpaper creates the ultimate statement wall in this room. To keep the vivid color palette going, chairs have been reupholstered in bright yellow. And cushions, in deep, midnight blue complete the colorful look. 

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    Pretty Pastels

    1950s inspired pink and turquoise bedroom
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    The Palm Springs Suite is an homage to 1950s design. Pink and turquoise wallpaper sets off this room's charming color palette. Tall blue lighting by the bed and a vintage chandelier add ambiance to the space. Over the mantel, a pinup continues the 1950s theme. A pink and blue seating area beside the gas fireplace creates a sweet nook for reading and relaxing. 

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    Midcentury Office

    Turquoise desk midcentury artwork
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    This room features something unique. A turquoise desks where guests can work for just a little bit between their vacation play. The bright blue piece is tempered by a modern side chair that has a metallic glow in the light. 

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    Statement Wall

    Navy and white graphic wallpaper in a midcentury guest room
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    The Dwell Hotel is certainly a space for unique character. A love of wallpaper, pattern, and color finds it way into every space. In this bedroom, blue and white wallpaper adds depth and dimension to create a modern interior.  

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    Room With A View

    Guest room balcony plants
    Graham Yelton and Margaret Pate

    No matter what room, no matter what space, this posh hotel in Chattanooga is a must-see environment for great design inspiration, and a good night's sleep.