Dynamite Duo: Dolls and Books

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    Why Her Doll Matters

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    It's easy to see when a doll matters to your child. You notice that she fusses relentlessly over its hair and its wardrobe. She carts it to family gatherings and never lets it out of her sight. But do you know WHY that doll matters? One of the great things about a beloved doll that comes with an accompanying book series is that you can immerse yourself into the pages as well.

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    Move Over, Oprah

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    Your daughter is entering the world of reading alone, having the ability to devour chapter books and YA novels with excitement and astonishing speed. Move over Oprah and her book picks. You and your daughter can make your own book club. You two can bond over the doll-and-book duo of her choice.

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    Sweeping, Dramatic Tales

    Courtesy of A Girl for All Time

     For the very successful A Girl for All Time doll-and-book pairing, many of the novels have an epic feel to them. The series creator, Frances Cain, had a field day hiring just the right author to tackle the different eras covered in the doll series. Since these dolls span centuries of British history, the books are a delight for youngsters who are mad about England. Children the world over developed an "Anglophile" streak from the Harry Potter franchise. These classic suspenseful tales...MORE can be the perfect choice for your daughter and you! 

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    Stories That Stand Alone

    Courtesy of A Girl for All Time

     It's terrific that the Girl for All Time books have companion dolls. What's even better is that the books are so well written, they are worth reading for their own merits. Interestingly, as with many doll-and-book duos, your daughter will select the doll that most reminds her of herself or whom she hopes to be one day. 

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    Double Dutch Dolls and Books

    Courtesy of Double Dutch Dolls

     K. Charles is an African-American author and doll designer who started the Double Dutch Doll Company. Her dolls reflect the escapades of twin sisters, Kaila and Zaria. The two teens are learning the ropes of surviving and excelling inside and outside school. The 14-year-old heroines encounter the highs and lows that all teens (and preteens) have to navigate. 

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    Modern-Day Mission

    Courtesy of Double Dutch Dolls

     One sis is a brainiac; the other is an aspiring fashion designer. Despite their differences, Kaila and Zaria are supportive and loyal. Growing up, K. Charles loved the Sweet Valley High books. She devoured them, but always wished there were characters that resembled her. That was her mission when she launched the Double Dutch novel series. Charles's hope is to continue adding characters of all races and backgrounds to the dolls and to the series pages.

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    Page Turner

    Courtesy of American Girl

    Like all of the previous American Girl dolls, Lea follows in their footsteps with a bevy of action-packed books. The independent 10-year-old will leave you and your daughter breathless with her debut novel, Lea Dives In. You'll both eagerly flip through the pages to discover how her hiking trip in Brazil turns potentially dangerous!

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    Educational Fun

    Courtesy of American Girl

     Set in Brazil, Lea Leads the Way teaches you daughter about the nation's terrain and rainforest denizens. Besides discovering facts about creatures, your child will be faced with moral dilemmas and interesting side stories. It's a way to have in-depth discussions between you and your inquisitive daughter. 

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    Friendship Foibles

    Courtesy of American Girl

    Lea made a new best friend in Brazil, charming Camila. This brand-new book focuses on Camila's international trip to Lea's hometown, St. Louis. What happens when a friend travels to spend time with you, but you neglect her? How can you make it up to her? Or is it really too late? You and your daughter can chat about Lea's neglect of visiting Camila, and figure out how to avoid such pitfalls in your own lives!