Earring Back Replacements

Stabilize Pierced Earrings and Prevent Droopy Earlobes

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Standard earring backs that come with lightweight studs are meant to hold the earrings snugly against your earlobes. However, heavier earrings (like popular chandeliers) can tug and pull at your ear, creating discomfort and an unsightly temporary drooping effect.

Over time, those heavy earrings and gravity will drag the pierced area downwards, leaving what appears to be a small vertical slit where a round hole used to be. If your piercing has been stretched, it is even more difficult to wear heavy earrings without your ear appearing droopy. You may find that your ear lobes always look droopy, even when you're wearing light earrings or when you're not wearing earrings at all. You're then at risk of splitting your ear lobe, especially if your earrings are accidentally tugged on. 

Stabilizing earring backs, often called clutches, hold earrings securely in place and disguise droopy earlobes. Earring stabilizers aren't just for ears piercings that have already stretched. More importantly, these stabilizers help keep earlobes from stretching in the first place. Pick up a pair of stabilizers for all your earrings, and double up with thicker, more supportive earring backs for your heavier earrings. 

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    Best for Stretched Earlobes: BlingGuard BlingDots Earring Supports & Stabilizers

    Earring Stabilizer Patches

    Medical grade adhesive affixes these thin disposable discs to the back of your earlobes. The discs help stabilize already-torn or stretched lobes. Use these stabilizers with any type of earring -- just push the metal through the discs. Stabilizers aren't a perfect solution, but they do make a significant difference in earlobe comfort level and appearance. 

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    Best for Heavy Earrings: Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Support Patches

    Ear Lobe Support Patches

    These adhesive stabilizers are similar to the ones listed above. If your earrings are especially heavy, pair these discs with the thicker silicone earring backs listed below for extra support. 

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    Best Budget: Universal EZback Earring Backs

    Earring Back to Prevent Droopy Earlobes

    Are your earring backs cheap and loose? Try replacing your original earring backs with these EZback stabilizers. They are composed of thick high-grade silicone and are made to work with either typical post earrings or screw-back earrings. The extra depth of the cushion works as a perfect stabilizer for heavy designs. These backs are nickel free and hypoallergenic. Sold in single pairs.

    Before purchasing, measure the mm diameter of your earlobe. Some of these backs are actually too large for small ears. If so, you'll want to purchase a smaller size. 

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    Best for Secure Hold: Heavy Friction Earring Backs

    Earring Back Replacements

    Chances are your fine earrings will come with backs that hold them securely in place. If they don't, or if you misplace the backs, these oversized 14K gold replacements can help. The larger size provides more stability, and the backs are made to safeguard your earrings.

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    Best for Fish/French Hook Earrings: Earring Safety Backs for Fish Hook Earrings

    How to Stabilize Fish Hook Earrings

    Slip one of these inexpensive medical-grade PVC tubes onto the back of a wire earring. They won't help prevent or stabilize drooping lobes, but they will keep your earrings from slipping off.