The Best Eco-Friendly All-Purpose Cleaners

Green Clean Your Whole House with These Eco-Friendly Multi-Surface Cleaners!

Forget about hauling around a cabby full of harsh cleaning chemicals and try a non-toxic, eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner instead. Many can clean everything from walls to countertops to floors and everything in between, which makes for really easy and fast green cleaning. Plus, they often don't require rinsing. Just spray and wipe!

Unlike conventional cleaners, green all-purpose cleaners don't contain artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, chlorine bleach, ammonia, petroleum-derived...MORE ingredients, and other harmful ingredients, such as Triclosan. So, you're doing yourself and the environment a favor by giving them a try. And don't be fooled, even though they are green, they are just as mighty and "mean" at powering through the toughest grease, grime, and dirt!

Of course, the trusted, old-time favorites for general cleaning, such as castile soap, vinegar, and washing soda, work just as well, but if you're into the convenience of pre-mixed products, give one of these earth friendly cleaners a try. You'll be glad you did!

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    Aussan Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

    Aussan Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
    Aussan Natural All-Purpose Cleaner. Photo © Aussan Natural

    This non-toxic, botanically-based cleaner, which is certified by the U.S. EPA's "Design for the Environment Program" and the Natural Products Association (NPA), can tackle the toughest grease, grime, and dirt on just about anything from chrome fixtures to countertops to cooktops! Its light natural scent is sure to please everyone!

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    Begley's Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner
    Begley's Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner. Photo © Begley's Earth Responsible Products

    Leave it to Ed Begley, Jr., actor, author, and pioneering environmentalist, for putting together this natural cleaner containing an uplifting medley of aromatherapeutic essential oils and other plant-based, sustainable ingredients that make cleaning an enjoyable, safe, and environmentally friendly experience!

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    Battle whatever kind of tough grime and dirt comes your way, knowing this all-natural cleaner with an uplifting clary sage and citrus scent, will take care of it! Because it's solvent free (i.e., it contains no ammonia, alcohol, ethers) and pH neutral, it's especially great for cleaning acrylic or plastic. Available in concentrate and large, industrial sizes, too.

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    Get some help from Eco-Me and cleaning your whole house in an environmentally friendly way. Simply spray this completely all-natural cleaner that is Leaping Bunny certified onto any type of surface, such as bathroom tiles or kitchen fixtures, and watch as it cuts through soap scum, mineral build-up, mold, mildew, and grime!

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    Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus All-Purpose Cleaner
    Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus All-Purpose Cleaner. Photo © Earth Friendly Products

    As fresh as a salad, this eco-friendly parsley cleaner with plant-based surfactants and a neutral pH naturally cleans virtually any surface in and around your home, such as countertops, clothing, walls, ovens, grills, and wooden decks. It's also great at removing sticky, stuck-on things like chewing gum, tar, creosote, tree sap, and more! Plus, it leaves no residues behind. Available in bulk sizes, too!

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    Green Shield Organic All-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser
    Green Shield Organic All-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser. Photo © Greenology Products, Inc.

    This all-in-one green cleaning product is not only all natural, but is USDA Certified Organic as well! It kills mold and mildew and its patented antimicrobial cleansing agents help kill the peskiest of odor causing bacteria, too. So, it's great for handling some of your yuckiest cleaning jobs, such as trashcans, toilets, bathroom tile, etc.

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    Simple Green Naturals Multi-Surface Care
    Simple Green Naturals Multi-Surface Care. Photo © Simple Green

    Cleaning your whole house from top to bottom and everything in between is a simple and green affair with this earth friendly, lemon verbena scented cleaner. It's 100% naturally sourced, biodegradable formula, which is Green Seal certified, takes care of dirt, food, and oily messes without a problem!

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    Zum Lab All-Purpose Cleaner
    Zum Lab All-Purpose Cleaner. Photo © Indigo Wild

    Zoom through your cleaning routine with the fresh tea tree-citrus scent of this all-purpose, über eco-friendly cleaner that is great for cleaning anything from your floors to your kitchen counters. Feel good knowing that you are buying from a company that supports causes related to fighting breast cancer and helping animals.