Easiest Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Turkey Club Pizza. Linda Larsen

It's the day after Thanksgiving, you're standing at the refrigerator staring at the leftovers and don't have the energy or inclination to make another full meal. What do you do? Turn to this collection of easy tiny meals and appetizers that are the best Thanksgiving leftover recipes!

Over the long holiday weekend, it’s nice to use Thanksgiving meal leftovers to make interesting sandwiches, appetizers, tiny bites, and mini meals, so when you come indoors from decorating your home, or get back from a shopping spree, you have wonderful little foods ready and waiting to pop in the oven or pull out of the fridge.

And everyone's fridge is stuffed full of wonderful foods at this time of the year. These recipes will remind you of Thanksgiving foods, but with a special twist. Small bites of this and that are also much more appealing after that huge dinner!

Try these delicious recipes using the remains of your holiday feast to make wonderful meals for family or guests. And remember that you can substitute your own favorite ingredients for a lot of the ingredients in these recipes. Use different cheeses, add some different herbs or spices, and change up the vegetables. Just be sore to write down the changes you make so you can reproduce the recipe next year.

All you need to serve for most of these recipes is a green salad or a fruit salad, and perhaps some toasted garlic bread or breadsticks. A glass of wine or some iced tea would be a great accompaniment; kids should have a big glass of milk.

And for a great Christmas present, take a look at the Use-It-Up Cookbook by Lois Carlson Willand.

You'll learn how to make excellent use of leftovers for everything from turkey to evaporated milk. I especially liked the recipe for Turkey Pineapple Curry.

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes