11 Easter Basket Crafts for Kids

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    11 Easter Basket Crafts for Kids

    Nurture Store

    Help the Easter Bunny out this year by crafting your own Easter baskets. Get your children involved in the crafting with all of these super kid-friendly projects. Use these baskets year after year at Easter time. You could even craft multiple baskets and hand them out for neighbors, family, and friends to use!

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    Sponge Painted Easter Egg Basket

    Sponge Painted Easter Egg Basket
    Buggy and Buddy

    Sponge paint colorful eggs for this paper Easter basket craft. It's cute, easy, and perfect for holiday crafting. 

    Sponge Painted Easter Egg Basket from Buggy and Buddy

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    Bunny Bags

    Bunny bag easter craft

    Aren't these DIY bunny bags adorable? Kids can make them and keep their Easter eggs inside for safe keeping!

    Bunny Bags from Fun-A-Day

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    Fingerprint Easter Egg Craft

    easter basket kids craft
    Crafty Morning

    Children as young as preschool-age can do this Easter basket project. Their little fingerprints double as colorful Easter eggs to sit inside the basket. 

    Fingerprint Easter Egg Craft from Crafty Morning 

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    Recycled Easter Bunny Basket

    Make and Takes

    Recycle an old frosting tub to create this cute Easter bunny basket. Have your kiddos add bunny ears and a sweet bunny face. Keep candy and treats inside the basket for Easter. 

    Recycled Easter Bunny Basket from Make and Takes 

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    DIY Easter Treat Bags

    easter treat bags craft
    Raising Whasians

    Instead of a basket, craft these darling treat bags for holding Easter candy and toys. This is a super easy craft that you can make with your little ones. You can even add lollypops and give them faces to resemble cute little chickies.

    DIY Easter Treat Bags from Raising Whasians

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    Polka Dot Easter Eggs

    polka dot easter egg craft
    Cutting Tiny Bites

    Use an eyedropper to make those beautiful polka dot Easter Eggs. Put them into the paper Easter basket and display this art project in your home for the holiday. 

    Polka Dot Easter Eggs from Cutting Tiny Bites

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    Mini Wooden Easter Baskets

    Rockin Mama

    Gather some popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners for this awesome Easter basket DIY project. Paint the popsicle sticks a pretty pastel color for the holiday. 

    Mini Wooden Easter Baskets from Rockin Mama

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    Paper Plate Easter Basket Craft

    paper plate easter basket
    Nurture Store

    Did you know you can make an Easter basket entirely from a paper plate? Talk about budget-friendly! 

    Paper Plate Easter Basket Craft from Nurture Store

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    Easy DIY Animal Easter Baskets

    diy easter baskets
    Atkinson Drive

    We are loving this simple felt Easter basket. Have your kids choose which one they want to make–a bunny or a chick–or both! Add googly eyes for a cute and silly finishing touch. 

    Easy DIY Animal Easter Baskets from Atkinson Drive

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    Bunny Basket DIY

    bunny basket diy
    Mer Mag

    You can throw this bunny basket together in minutes. Your kids will really enjoy crafting with duct tape and coloring it to look like an Easter Bunny. 

    Bunny Basket DIY from Mer Mag 

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    Basket for Rubber Stamping DIY

    Kate Pullen

     Make this easy Easter Basket for a fun customizing experience. Let your kids rubber stamp, collage, or draw on their baskets. This is a great project for your imaginative child, let their creativity shine!

    Basket for Rubber Stamping DIY from The Spruce