Easter Bread Recipes Around the World

For Christians around the world, Easter is the first major holiday of spring. Everything centers around new birth.

Eggs, green vegetables, and spring lamb figure prominently in the cuisine. And the proscribed foods of Lent -- butter, eggs, sugar and cream -- reappear in an infinite variety of rich Easter bread.

Consider one of these recipes from around the world for your special dinner. Keep these Christmas Bread Recipes from Around the World in mind when December rolls around.

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    Eastern Europeans love bread and, at Easter time, they pull out all the stops with elaborate braids and sculpted dough adorning the staggering variety in their culinary repertoires.

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    In Britain, hot cross buns are traditionally eaten warm with a little butter on Good Friday and are perfect for tea time.

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    Dutch Fruited Easter Bread (Paasstol) Recipe

    Dutch Fruited Easter Bread
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    This Dutch recipe for fruited Easter Bread or paasstol is not strictly traditional because, instead of containing typical raisins and currants, dried cherries and cranberries are used.

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    German Easter Bunny Rolls (Osterhasen aus Hefeteig) Recipe

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    The dough for these German bunny rolls, or osterhasen aus hefeteig, actually can be shaped into whatever form you and your little ones desire. Their slightly sweet flavor makes them perfect for Easter breakfast.

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    There are as many recipes for tsoureki as there are cooks, including this one for easy Tsoureki Paschalino.

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    Italian Easter Bread (Pane di Pasqua) Recipe

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    This recipe for Pane di Pasqua, or Easter Bread, is probably Neapolitan in origin. Pancetta, ham, onion, bell pepper, capers, hard-cooked eggs and more are incorporated into the yeast dough.

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    South American Potato Bread Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

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    Marian Blazes says she always makes potato cinnamon rolls for her family's breakfast on holidays like Easter. While there is no proper Spanish name for them, they are widely available in South America.

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    The orange and lemon zest in this raisin bread recipe elevates it to company fare and makes it a good candidate for toast. And bread pudding, too, I'm thinking!

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    U.S. Dairy-Free Hot Cross Buns Recipe

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    These dairy-free hot cross buns are perfect for those with lactose issues or otherwise following a dairy-free lifestyle. The recipe has extra yeast, which shortens the rising time and makes it ideal for busy cooks and weeknight dinners.

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    This recipe for Hot Cross Buns with a Twist is from "Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book" (Meredith Books, 2004). The twist here is the hazelnuts and hazelnut liqueur added to the dough.