Easter Breakfast for Kids

Peanut Sitting-Pretties
Peanut Sitting-Pretties. Linda Larsen

Easter really is all about children. Seeing little girls are dressed in their frilliest finery with wonderful hats, and little boys in their best suits is part of the joy of the holiday. Watching children hunt Easter eggs in the garden, and making Easter baskets especially for them is very special.

Use the Marshmallow Puffs to teach children about the Easter story. And let them help assemble the Bunny Salads, which have to be the cutest recipe ever!

Have a wonderful Easter with the children in your life and enjoy this easy menu

Easter Breakfast for Kids

  • Marshmallow Puffs
    These little puffs have a marshmallow in the center, which melts in the heat of the oven. They're crisp and sweet and so easy to make.
  • Waffle Sticks
    Breadstick dough becomes waffles in this easy recipe. Serve with maple syrup and powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon for dipping.
  • Bunny Salad
    This is the cutest salad ever! Canned pear halves form the bunny, almond slices are the ears, and flavored yogurt is the fluffy tail.
  • Peanut Sitting-Pretties
    Use pastel colored candies to make these little cookies, which look like bird's nests. You could also roll the cookies in coconut instead of nuts.