Tips for Playing the Easter Bunny With Your Kids

a nest with Easter eggs surrounded by bunny tracks

Andrew Bret Wallis / Getty Images

From face painting to candy and gifts, Easter is full of surprises and delights for children. While the big basket full of goodies is a pretty big hint that the Easter Bunny came, there are several other ways you can subtly let your children know that the Easter Bunny paid a visit.

Set the Scene and Leave Clues

One of the best ways to help your children maintain their early childhood belief in the Easter Bunny is to get them engaged in the story. As with Santa Claus at Christmas, you can read an Easter book or watch an Easter movie. After you've explained who the Easter Bunny is, have your kids leave a carrot and some water out for the bunny the night before the holiday. Nibble off the carrot tip while everyone's sleeping.

You can further the illusion by leaving "bunny fur" around the house. Pull apart some cotton balls and leave a trail leading from the front door to the hidden Easter baskets. Another fun idea is to leave bunny footprints: sprinkle glitter or baby powder on the floor and brush some of it away in the shape of bunny paw prints.

Celebrating With Older Children

If your child is getting older, you might need to be a bit more convincing. You could try leaving a letter from the bunny in the kids' baskets. Write a quick note on bunny- or spring-themed stationery and sign it with a paw print. You could even write a message from the bunny on your driveway using sidewalk chalk if the weather is nice.

For even older children, consider asking a friend or family member to wear a bunny costume and hop through your yard at a certain time. Make sure your kids are looking out the window and that your bunny has a quick escape route. For extra points, ask your friend to drop a few eggs or chocolates so the kids have something tangible to prove they saw the bunny.

More Ways to Spice up Easter

There are lots of ways you can make Easter morning a little more magical. Sure, they won't necessarily prove the existence of the Easter Bunny, but they're fun!

  • Turn a regular milk jug into a bottle of "Easter Bunny juice." Add a drop of red, green, or blue food coloring to the milk and mix it in or replace white milk with strawberry or chocolate milk.
  • After the kids go to bed, color a dozen raw eggs and put them back in the original container. When you pull out the eggs to make breakfast in the morning, act surprised that they're now colored!
  • If your kids are heavy sleepers, draw bunny noses and whiskers on their faces while they're sleeping. Use washable felt markers because regular face paint will likely smudge while they're sleeping. The kids will get a fun surprise when they see themselves in the mirror the next morning. As long as you use a light-colored washable marker, it will wipe clean with soap and water before you head out for the day.
  • Don't purchase a real bunny on a whim. Every year, families buy rabbits because they think the animals make cute Easter gifts, but after the thrill wears off, they neglect them. Instead, celebrate Easter in a fun and responsible way.