Fun Easter Craft Ideas for Kids and Parents

Start a fun Easter tradition with your family with Easter craft ideas that even the youngest children will enjoy. Hop to it and try some of these fun Easter craft ideas for kids that are easy on parents.

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    Spring Chick Craft

    A picture of the Easter chicks footprint craft
    Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Create a keepsake from your little one's toes with this Easter craft idea. With yellow paint, a black marker, construction paper and a willing foot or two, you can have a mama and her baby chicks forever captured in about 30 minutes, plus drying time.
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    A picture of the Paper Plate Bunny craft
    Photo © Apryl Duncan
    For little kids who are all about the Easter Bunny, there's no easier Easter craft than the paper plate bunny. Even the tiniest hands will love gluing the cotton balls in place. It only takes about 10 supplies, many you probably already have at home, to make this smiling bunny who's sure to live many days past Easter displayed on your refrigerator door or on your child's bedroom wall.
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    Bunnies and Chicks Easter Art Project

    A picture of the Bunnies and Chicks Easter Art Project
    Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Fingerprints are the stars of this project. And since there's no right or wrong way to finish this Easter craft, you can let your child go crazy with those tiny fingerprints in white non-toxic acrylic paint for fingerprint bunnies and yellow non-toxic acrylic paint for fingerprint chicks. The only other supplies you need are construction paper, crayons, a paper plate and baby wipes to get those soon-to-be messy hands clean.
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    The Baby Chick Kids' Easter Card

    A picture of the Baby Chick Kids' Easter Card
    Photo © Apryl Duncan
    How tweet! This is the perfect craft idea for kids who want to send grandma and grandpa a sweet Easter card. The Baby Chick Kids' Easter Card is unique too because only your child can create it. The chick is made from your child's fingerprint, which makes this card a one-of-a-kind you won't find in any card store. Family and friends are sure to cherish this special keepsake that requires the most basic craft supplies and about 30 minutes, plus drying time.
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    Thumbprint Easter Bunny Card

    A picture of the Thumbprint Easter Bunny Card
    Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Surely your child knows some bunny who will love this Thumbprint Easter Bunny Card. Your child's fingerprint makes the bunny face and crayons finish off the bunny look. Help your child write her own special message to family or a friend and you'll have a card that's ready to be dropped in the mail in about 30 minutes.
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    A picture of Easter eggs
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    Dye eggs differently this year. Make the Easter basket you give your kids even better than the store bought ones. Let the kids try their hands at Peeps candy or plastic egg crafts. Family Crafts Guide Sherri Osborn has a full list of Easter craft ideas that will keep you and your family busy until the Easter Bunny arrives on your doorstep.