Easter Crafts and Activities

Free Easter crafts, games, gift ideas, and other activities

Close up of multicolor Easter eggs in bucket
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Are you looking for some fun Easter crafts for kids and families? I hope this collection of crafts, coloring book pages, games, and other activities helps you to have a fun and festive Easter.

  • Dyeing Eggs - This year, discover how you can have fun dyeing your eggs using a variety of different methods.
  • Creative Easter Snacks - If you are looking for a creative snack for your family gathering or to send as a classroom treat, check out all of these recipes.
  • Easter Poop Gag Gifts - Use these directions to make silly gag gifts for all of your friends and family.
  • Basket Crafts - Browse through this collection of homemade baskets and choose one or more to make.
  • Bunny Crafts - It just wouldn't be Baster with the bunny. Learn how to make a variety of bunnies that you can use as decorations or give as gifts.
  • Plastic Egg Crafts - If you find yourself with an over-abundance of plastic eggs, consider using them to make some of these crafts.
  • Peeps Candy Crafts - I hate to admit it, but I am not a huge Peeps candy fan. Instead of eating them, I would rather make these crafts.
  • Easter Preschool Crafts - I hope you find several crafts your preschooler and toddler will love in this collection.
  • Homemade Easter Cards - If you are looking for inspiration to help you make cards to send out for Easter, check out all of these creations.
  • Free Easter Beaded Pin Designs - Use the patterns here to craft cute pins you can wear or give to friends and family.
  • A Festive Easter - When you are ready to decorate for Easter, check out these homemade decoration ideas.​