8 Easter Crafts to Celebrate the Season

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    Paper Punched Easter Egg Tree

    Easter egg tree paper craft

    Make a lovely Easter tree decoration for your home to celebrate spring. Glue Paper flowers onto a dyed clay egg and then hang on live branches. What a wonderful way to add some life to your home decor after a long, long winter. These Easter eggs would look lovely on forsythia or lilac stems. Although the branches will die after a while, the eggs will last for many more seasons to come. So pretty!

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    Easter Bunny Party Hats

    The House That Lars Built

    These festive party hats are a cinch to make, and are a must-have addition to any Easter party. You can make a whole batch for everyone to wear at your next Easter shindig in just a few easy steps, using easy-to-find materials like cardstock paper, twine, and glue dots. So much fun! Check out the tutorial for these hats and discover 9 other Easter crafts.

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    Spring Craft Fun With Balloons

    balloon chick Easter/Spring craft

    Baby chicks are an Easter symbol and a sign that spring is coming soon. This baby chick craft is the cutest thing ever! Blow up some yellow balloons and attach the card stock cut outs to them with glue. Use a permanent marker to draw on the eyes. The birds also have the cutest tail feathers (you cannot see them in the photo). This craft is guaranteed to make your children giggle! So much fun to make!

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    Cuter than Cute Easter Paper Bunnies

    purple origami bunny
    Purple Origami Bunny. craftsalamode.com

    All you need is a thin sheet of scrapbook paper to make these origami bunnies. They were originally designed by origami artist Jacky Chan and are so beautiful. They are, however, quite complicated and challenging for beginning origami artists.

    Do not expect favorable results at first with this paper craft project, if you do you will be disappointed. However if you persist and watch Jacky's video, you will be able to fold the rabbit after numerous tries. It helps to stop the video at certain...MORE steps to be able to keep up with the video instructions. I had to watch it many times before I understood the instructions. Don't give up the end results are worth it!

    This origami rabbit is excellent for Easter because it has a pocket you can fill with Easter grass and candy. Put a couple of the rabbits into an Easter basket or use them as table decorations for your holiday dinner.

    Another option is to place a small electric tea light into the pocket and display it as a paper lantern decoration. Any way you use these origami rabbits they are sure to be a hit!

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    Mini Woven Paper Easter Basket Tutorial

    paper woven easter basket
    Handmade paper Easter basket. papercraftstyle.wordpress.com/

    This Easter basket paper craft project made from woven paper strips has been around for a long time but is still popular, and undoubtedly will remain so as long as we celebrate Easter. All you need to make one is a sheet of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper to construct the entire basket handle and all. At that price, I think I will make several, all in different colors and prints!

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    Paper Napkin Decoupaged Easter Eggs

    Napkin Covered Easter Eggs

    These Easter eggs are certainly not traditional but very, very beautiful. Anyone can make them regardless of their artistic skill level. Can you believe they are made from paper napkins? Just look for the prettiest paper napkins you can find, tear them into small pieces and glue onto eggs with mod podge. It is hard to believe that something so beautiful is so simple to make!

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    Easter Treat Holders From Cardboard Tubes

    cardboard tube easter bunny and chick paper craft
    Cardboard tube Easter paper crafts. powerfulmothering.com

    Easter treat holders from cardboard tubes are easy to make, cute and thrifty recycled Easter paper craft projects. Make a cute bunny or chick from a cardboard tube, and then fill it with candy and other Easter treats. All you have to do is paint, cut and paste! Your kids will love to help with this Easter paper craft.They are the cutest decorations ever!

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    Paper Craft for Easter - Quilled Paper Easter Eggs

    quilled Easter egg
    A beautiful quilled Easter egg project. craftideas.info

    This quilled Easter egg craft is another non-traditional method to decorate an Easter egg. The designer of the egg doesn't mention whether or not real eggs are used in this paper craft project, but I would think that this art would work best with wooden or plastic eggs. It takes an enormous amount of time to cut, glue and paste the quilled circles, so it would be a shame to spend a lot of time making them just to throw them away after cracking and eating the egg inside! These eggs will...MORE certainly be treasured as a keepsake and would look lovely for years to come!