Easter Crockpot Breakfast

Chocolate icebox Dessert. Linda Larsen

Cooking breakfast in the crockpot might seem kind of strange, but it works very well as long as you know your slow cooker and know that it doesn't cook too hot. If you have a new hot crockpot you've got to watch it much more carefully. Cut down on the cooking time and you should have success.

The entree in this easy menu is so full of flavor. It includes Canadian bacon, tater tots, onion, lots of cheese, and eggs.

It's like a strata, but made with potatoes instead of bread. This recipe can't be doubled; if you are serving more than six or eight people, make another batch using another slow cooker.

The Crockpot Cobbler is a super simple recipe that tastes like dessert. You can make this dish with any type of fruit you'd like, including pears or peaches. Just make sure you know your slow cooker, again, because this recipe, which is high in sugar, can burn if it cooks too long.

The Carrot Pineapple Salad is an old family favorite of mine. It's fresh and sweet and really gorgeous. I always top my serving with some mayonnaise for a smooth and slightly savory and salty contrast.

And the dessert is also super simple and, because it's made ahead of time, all you do is bring it out from the fridge and slice it. Have your kids make it; it's that simple!

Serve lots of coffee and fresh orange juice with this menu, with milk (chocolate milk because it's Easter!) for the kids.

And enjoy the time with family and friends.

Easter Crockpot Breakfast

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