Easter Egg Coloring Tricks

When it’s time for coloring Easter eggs, try these tricks to create some special designs! You may even win the Easter egg decorating contest!

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    Tie-Dye Eggs

    Easter egg coloring

    Make tie-dye eggs with a swirling pattern of colors.

    Place a few hard boiled eggs in a colander in the kitchen sink. Drizzle some vinegar over the eggs. Gently swirl the eggs around in the colander. Drip a few droplets of the first color of food coloring to the eggs. Gently shake the colander to swirl the eggs and food coloring around. Repeat this process with two to three additional colors. Allow the eggs to settle for a few minutes and then rinse with cold water. Let the water drain for another...MORE minute before moving the eggs to a paper towel. 

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    Crayon Designs

    Crayons are a simple tool you can use to design your Easter eggs with any style or pattern you like.

    Use crayons to draw designs on plain, white, ​hard-boiled eggs. Make polka dots, swirls, stripes, flowers or any style design you wish. Drop in egg dye (packaged egg dye or one tablespoon vinegar mixed with 3/4 cup water and a few drops of food coloring) and let sit for two minutes. This will color the base of the egg and make the crayon designs “pop.”  If you use a white crayon, the egg dye will...MORE color the base of the egg and the designs you created will turn out white. 

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    Striped Eggs

    Create these fashionable eggs for some holiday fun. 

    Wrap rubber bands around the eggs where you want the stripes to show. Dip the eggs in one of the dark-colored Easter egg dyes and let sit for quite a few minutes (until you have achieved a deep shade of the color) Remove the rubber bands and place the egg back into the same color, but leave it only for one minute. The stripes will show up as a lighter shade. You may also put the egg into a different color the second time, as long as it is a...MORE lighter shade that won’t overcome the base color. 

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    Speckled Eggs

    Speckled eggs are so pretty, and fun to make, too!

    Dye your eggs with the desired base colors. Allow drying completely. Set up a few bowls of craft paint in the colors you wish to use for speckling. Dip a toothbrush into the craft paint. Dab onto the eggs to create colored, speckled dots. Allow drying. Add a second color of speckled dots if desired.  

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    Plaid Eggs

    Plaid eggs take a little extra work, but the unique result is worth the time. 

    Before dying the egg, apply 1/8” strips of tape, evenly spaced, in a vertical pattern. Place the egg in one shade of dye. Once the egg has taken on the shade, remove it from the dye and allow it to dry. When the egg is completely dry, remove the vertical tape strips. Apply new strips of tape, this time in a horizontal pattern. Dip the eggs in another shade of dye. Once the color has set, remove from the dye and allow...MORE it to dry. Finally, remove the horizontal tape to reveal your plaid color pattern.