7 Easter Egg Kids Crafts

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    7 Easter Egg Crafts to Make with Kids


    I love to experiment with different egg crafts each year for Easter! There are so many fun and cute egg crafts for kids. I’ve found 8 Easter egg crafts that are simple to make with your little ones! These are great crafts that you’ll want to do year after year!

    Which one of these FUN crafts will you and your kids choose to do this Easter?! Click through for these Easter Egg tutorials!

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    Easter Egg Yarn Art

    Make and Takes

    Use pastel colored yarn and glue to create these adorable yarn eggs! Display them around your home for beautiful Easter decorations!

    Easter Egg Yarn Art from Make and Takes

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    Washi Tape Easter Egg

    Petit Elefant

    Get out your fun washi tape to make these Easter egg decorations! I love washi tape for projects like this!

    Washi Tape Easter Egg from Petit Elefant

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    Neon Puffy Paint Easter Eggs

    Make and Takes

    Puffy paint is such a fun craft supply to work with! Use the neon colors to decorate your Easter eggs!

    Neon Puffy Paint Easter Eggs from Make and Takes

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    Salt Dough Eggs

    Design Mom

    These salt dough eggs are super fun to craft! Don’t they look cheerful with all of their fun colors? Your kids will love this project!

    Salt Dough Eggs from Design Mom

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    Pom Pom Easter Egg Painting

    Crafty Morning

    Use those extra pom poms that you have lying around to paint colorful Easter egg pictures! This is a different crafting project that your kids will have so much fun with!

    Pom Pom Easter Egg Painting from Crafty Morning

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    Crystal Eggs

    Bitz & Giggles

    Do a simple science experiment with these crystal eggs! Aren’t they beautiful?

    Crystal Eggs from Bitz & Giggles

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    Bunny Easter Craft


    Turn those Easter eggs into cute little bunnies! Set up these bunnies around your home for Easter decor!

    Bunny Easter Craft from Tipsaholic

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    Paper Mache Easter Egg Pinata

    Easter Egg Pinatas
    Easter Egg Pinatas. Oh Joy

    Perfect for any Easter Egg hunt party, these pinatas are as easy to make as they are adorable. Get your hands dirty with paper mache and get crafting!

    Paper Mache Easter Egg Pinata from The Spruce