Easter Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Easter Eggs
Great gifts for your Easter Basket. Vstock LLC / Getty Images

You may find yourself scrambling for the yummy goods the Easter bunny delivers to your children in a basket year to year. The easy way out, of course, is the pre-made basket filled with Easter gifts that you can buy in every store from the local pharmacy to Target.

But there are a million other Easter gifts, depending on your children's ages, that will help you mark the holiday in a more personal way.

Birth to 2-years-old

You may opt to take a photo of your little one on the Easter Bunny's lap at a local mall or your child's daycare center. Other than this scenario, children at this age certainly don't understand the meaning of Easter, nor do they expect an Easter gift. However, there are great gifts to mark the occasion:

  • Easter Book: From the Velveteen Rabbit to Peter Cottontail, there are many bunny or Easter inspired books to purchase for your little one.
  • Easter Bunny Pillow: Children love soft cuddly items. A soft, hypoallergenic pillow, either with a bunny design or in the shape of a bunny, is a perfect Easter gift.
  • Bunny Rattles, Teething Rings or Learning Toys: All these items can be found with Easter or bunny themes.

3 to 5-years-old

Children in this age bracket are exploring life and absorbing much of what happens around them. For this reason, Easter gifts can have creative or learning themes.

  • Creative Crafts: Go to an arts and crafts store to find Easter inspired crafts that will allow your child to make his or her own Easter creation, whether baskets, Easter door wreaths or jewelry boxes.
  • Activity Books: Children who have started preschool often enjoy learning new things. Find an Easter-inspired, age-appropriate activity book in local bookstores or at online booksellers.

    6 to 8-years-old

    Children in this age group have developed their own likes and dislikes and are often fickle about what they want. However, it's great to inspire children of this age with items that promote learning.

    • Crossword Puzzle Books: Keep your children's minds active while on spring vacation. (In addition to Easter-inspired crossword puzzle books, you can buy word games, flash cards, and other brain teaser pocket games).
    • Board Games: Kids this age are so consumed with video games, iPods and other electronic devices and media that a good, old-fashioned board game often allows for more one-on-one interaction between you and your children, and also gets them away from the television, computer or other screens during Easter break. For example, Monopoly, which now comes in themes, is a fun board game that never goes out of style and teaches kids math and the concept of money.

    9 to 12-years-old

    Children at this age usually no longer believe in the Easter Bunny and understand the true meaning of this religious holiday. For this reason, consider the following Easter gifts:

    • Children's Bible: While you may have a bible in the house, it's convenient for children to have their own, and be able to read it at their leisure.
    • Easter Crafts: There are many religious crafts you can buy that will help your children remember the true meaning of Easter. Often, crafts or religious stores will have stickers, decorative bags, and small, fun items that your 9 to 12-year-old can use to create something that will symbolize the true meaning of Easter.