Easter Leftover Recipes

Too Many Jelly Beans?

diekatrin/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

After Easter, most of us have hard cooked eggs, roast chicken, ham, mashed potatoes, roast beef, and/or candy sitting in the refrigerator and cupboard. Ham sandwiches and deviled eggs, anyone?

Some foods aren't leftovers - they are just meant to be eaten until they're gone! Peg Bracken once said that about cake, when she wrote about the earnest effort by some home economists to use up every scrap of food.

"Cake isn't a leftover. Cake is cake, and it is either eaten or it isn't eaten, and if the family didn't go for that Mocha Icing, give the rest of the cake to your neighbor." As for leftover chocolate - what leftovers? Chocolate is chocolate!

Leftover recipes don't have to be boring if treated with imagination. Casseroles, soup recipes, stratas, and stuffed pasta recipes are some favorite ways to transform meats into delicious recipes. If you do change any of these recipes, be sure to write down what you changed, so you can reproduce your masterpiece in the future.

Have lots of mashed potatoes around? They can be made into a savory filling for beef rolls. Hard cooked eggs are elegant in a seafood casserole. Ham is delicious in a recipe for soup and a crispy, savory filo roll. I love leftover roast chicken in a thick cheese sauce, layered over toasted english muffins and broiled until bubbly.

Jelly beans are delicious in a biscotti recipe. And roast beef is excellent in manicotti, and a vegetable stir-fry.

Have fun making these great recipes. You'll find there's really nothing quite like the cozy feeling of having the makings for lots of delicious recipes sitting safely in your fridge and cupboard.

The Best Easter Leftover Recipes

Remember that leftovers should be used quickly, for food safety reasons. Make sure you always refrigerate hard cooked eggs. Roasted chicken should be eaten within two or three days. Ham lasts a little longer - four or five days. Roast beef should also be used within a few days. Freezing these ingredients will keep them safe and delicious for about a month. Always thaw these leftover in the fridge overnight, not on the counter, and use them as soon as they are thawed.