Easter Puzzles for Kids

Crossword Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles, Word Games and More!

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Easter Sunday marks the end of the season of Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. These free puzzles and games for children focus on Easter customs such as egg hunting, the Easter Bunny, Easter baskets, spring chicks and the celebration of Christ's Resurrection. Happy puzzling!

Easter Word Search Puzzles

Word games such as word search puzzles are an excellent way for children and students studying a second language to learn new vocabulary and practice their spelling.

The free Easter Word Search Printables featured here range in difficulty from very easy five-word puzzles for kids at the primary school level to quite challenging word puzzles with 30 or so entries that are more appropriate for older students and adults. Most of these puzzles are for printing, though there are a few online games for kids of middle school age and up. There are puzzles available in French or Spanish for foreign language students to learn and practice new vocabulary in an entertaining manner.

Easter Crossword Puzzles

From easy to challenging, these free Easter Crossword Printables for Kids are a great way for children practice their Easter vocabulary and have fun doing it! Here, you'll find printable fill-in-the-blank crosswords, easy crosswords with religious and secular themes for young children, as well as challenging crossword games with 20 entries or more for older children and adults.

Easter Jigsaw Puzzles

Piecing together jigsaw puzzles helps children develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. These free Easter Jigsaw Puzzles depict various secular symbols of Easter, such as colorful Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny. Most are for playing online, but you will find several jigsaw puzzles for young solvers to print and piece together on the floor or on a desk or table.

Easter Maze Puzzles

Solving tour puzzles such as maze puzzles is beneficial to young children by helping them improve their concentration and strategic planning skills. At Easter Maze Puzzles for Kids, you'll find a number of printable maze puzzles featuring the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs and other symbols of the Pascal holiday.

Easter Picture Puzzles

These visual puzzle games are often found in magazines for young readers. They help improve your child's patience and increase attention span. The resources at Easter Hidden Picture and Spot-the-Difference Games offer a variety of themed visual puzzles that children can use to develop their observation skills.

Easter Anagrams, Cryptograms, and Memory Games

Word scrambles can help young readers improve their reading skills. In order to solve these word puzzles, children need to be able to identify individual letters as well as have enough vocabulary to identify the unscrambled word. At Easter Word Scrambles, Counting and Memory Games, kids can use their reasoning skills to arrive at the solution to the logic puzzles, cryptograms, and anagram games featured here.

Easter Dot-to-Dot Games

Solving sequential number games such as dot-to-dot puzzles helps young children in acquiring basic counting skills.

These ​Easter Connect-the-Dot Worksheets feature subjects and symbols related to the Easter holiday.