Easter Recipes and Menus

Easter is a special holiday that is important to those of the Christian faith. It is celebrated with an egg hunt, with church services, and with food. You can serve special menus for Easter breakfast, especially before a sunrise service, or serve a brunch after church. These menus must be special, featuring eggs in some form, spring fruits, and special breads.

Easter dinner usually features a moist, tender, and salty ham, with accompaniments that range from asparagus to potatoes to fresh fruits....MORE And Easter desserts are special too. Have a wonderful Easter celebration with family and friends.

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    Swedish Tea Log
    Swedish Tea Log. Linda Larsen
    These ten recipes are perfect for Easter. Mix and match them to create your own Easter menus. And celebrate the season.
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    Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham. Linda Larsen

    I think that many people, when faced with a big (and expensive) chunk of meat, tend to get nervous. It is easy to heat a ham incorrectly and have it turn dry and leathery. With these methods, your ham will be moist and delicious, no matter what.

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    Lemon Angel Food Dessert. Linda Larsen

    Maybe you're not hosting Easter dinner, but have been asked to bring something. Why not dessert? These recipes are all special and highlight the flavors of spring. Yum.

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    Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs in Puff Pastry. Linda Larsen

    Easter breakfast and brunch are something special. These menus will make it easy for you to make an early morning Easter breakfast for the sunrise service, or serve a brunch for a bunch. There's even a make-ahead menu, a crockpot menu, and a special Easter breakfast for kids.

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    Easter Table
    Easter Table. Easter Table

    Easter dinner usually revolves around a glistening, moist and salty ham. But you can also serve a pot roast, or a roasted leg of lamb. And the easiest Easter dinner menu of all is found on this page.

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    Scrambled Eggs
    Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs. Linda Larsen

    You can cook your Easter dinner on the grill, or serve a meat other than ham, especially if you have a smaller family.

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    Ham Filo Roll. Linda Larsen

    Leftovers, of course, are one of the best things about any holiday. And these leftovers are really special. They use ham, asparagus, potatoes, and even jelly beans!

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    Ham Stuffed Manicotti. Linda Larsen
    Ham is really the most common Easter leftover. And it's the most fun to use! You can have ham sandwiches and make split pea soup, of course, but why not try something a bit different? These ten easy and delicious recipes fit the bill.