Choose Your Favourite Roast This Easter

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    Choose Your Easter Roast

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    With so many traditional Easter roast meats, which one will you choose? Lamb is usually considered the star of the Easter table, it being spring with spring lamb at its best. But you don't have to stick to lamb, delicious as it is.

    All of the meats come into play at Easter and really there is no hard and fast rule. In recent years, there have been several marketing campaigns promoting roast turkey (seems, for the most part, the bird is forgotten about after Christmas) so how perfect would...MORE that be to have again, why wait for just once a year?


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    Roast Lamb Cooked in a Blanket for Easter

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    Yes, you heard that right. Roast lamb for me is at its best when cooked in a blanket. This is an old French method and taught to when I lived in France. Initially, I was sceptical as the lamb is cooked briefly in a searingly hot oven, then wrapped in several layers of foil, and a thick blanket or towels and left for several hours to cook. Yet the result was perfect lamb every time.

    It feels risky, but seriously, it is not. The bone gets very hot and it is the residual heat from this which keeps...MORE it cooking. 

    Roast Lamb in a Blanket Recipe

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    Roast Chicken for Easter

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    Chicken is up there with lamb as a favourite for Easter. It is a lighter meat and perfectly suits the lighter, brighter days at this time of year. Chicken does not have to be a plain old roast bird; the lemon chicken recipe is perfect for a spring day and certainly a lovely take on the traditional cooking method.

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    Roast Beef and all the Trimmings


    Roast beef is the roast of choice on a Sunday and Easter Sunday need not be any different. Choose a rib of beef with several ribs if you have lots of family or friends for lunch.  Topside is also lovely for slicing.

    For perfect cooking check out the following:

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    Classic Baked Ham for Easter

    baked ham recipe
    Baked Ham Recipe. Diana Miller - Getty Images

    A glazed or baked ham is always a favourite for the family Easter lunch. In our house we always love the Baked Ham with Apricot Stuffing Recipe, The recipe is a wonderful take on the traditional baked ham with its fruity, apricot stuffing. A great way to celebrate Easter.

    And, don't forget the roast pork. Not as popular as the other roasts but I love it. For the best flavour choose outdoor, free range pork with a good thick layer of fat.You do not have to eat the fat if...MORE you are calorie counting, but leaving it on for cooking results in a tastier joint.