Ideas for Easter Table Settings and Centerpieces

Macaroon and easter egg candles on table
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    A Natural Easter Centerpiece

    Egg-shaped candles on table
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    Made from ingredients found around the home, this Easter Centerpiece is a natural classic. It uses egg-shaped candles for mood lighting.

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    A Sweet Treat Centerpiece

    easter egg and jelly bean centerpiece
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    Pastel colors are yummy and so are jelly beans, and the two make a perfect combination in this sweet Easter centerpiece.

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    Red and Green Tableware and Decorations

    Red and green table decorations
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    The colors red and green are no longer just for Christmas. They can easily be used to decorate a beautiful Easter or spring table. Christians believe that red represents the blood of Jesus, green represents new life and white represents purity. Use all three to tell the story of Easter.​

    Decorator's Hint: To save money, never buy specialty dinnerware, but instead choose to reinvent your everyday dinnerware into fresh table ideas.

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    Spring Flowers Tied With Twine

    Flowers tied with twine as table centerpiece
    Michael H/Getty Images

    You don't have to be skilled at flower arranging to manage this Easter centerpiece. This floral arrangement for your spring or Easter table is inexpensively and easily completed—the only tool needed is a pretty ribbon or twine.

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    Bright Egg Nest Centerpiece

    Bright and vibrant easter egg nest centerpiece
    Mirko Stelzner/Getty Images

    This fresh take on traditional Easter colors will brighten your Easter or spring table. Replace the nests and eggs with a brightly colored daisy to carry this Easter place setting all the way through spring.

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    Outdoor Table Setting

    Outdoor blue, green, and white table setting
    Annabelle Breakey/Getty Images

    This gorgeous backyard setting for your Easter or spring table allows the outdoors to be your main decor, saving you money. Natural elements echoed on the table allow nature's beauty to shine.

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    Dark and Rich Tableware

    Table seeing with dark brown plates
    Elke Van de Velde/Getty Images

    This Easter table or spring table idea proves that dark colors can be gorgeous in springtime. Dressing up your everyday tableware is a wonderful way to save money, and a simple spring bloom transforms this dark dinnerware. Plain gold-wrapped chocolate bunnies or eggs alongside dark dinnerware would also make an elegant Easter place setting.

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    Fruit and Flowers Centerpieces

    Peaches and sunflowers in bowl
    Diane MacDonald/Getty Images

    This beautiful Easter or spring centerpiece suggests that summer is almost here. Since this centerpiece is strong enough to stand on its own, simply blend with your everyday white dinnerware and linens.

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    A Good Old-Fashioned Easter

    White and purple flower centerpiece
    Michael H/Getty Images

    This pared-down country look will be right at home in your dining room or on a picnic table. If you don't have vases, use mason jars or small glassware to hold wildflower or inexpensive bouquets. The beauty (and frugality) of this look is that nothing needs to match.

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    Salute to Easter!

    Dyed egg centerpiece
    OksanA/Getty Images

    Be Italian this Easter, or just pretend like you are. This simple Easter table, displaying bright Tuscan earth tones and setting a spread of fresh cheeses and bread, proves that Easter doesn't always have to be about the bunny. Buona Pasqua! (That means Happy Easter!)