Easy Baby Shower Favors

You Can Make Them Yourself!

Stuffed toys in gift box
Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Imaegs

Taking care of the party favors and prizes for the shower you're hosting can be simple and fun. Your guests aren't coming to the shower to walk away with armloads of gifts, so small mementoes that cost very little are fine. The same party stores that carry goodie bag items for children's birthday parties sell a wide assortment of key chains, candy, mini pacifiers, pens, magnets and more. Another solution is to make your own favors.

  • Print up some "Certificates of Merit" for game winners. Depending on the games you play, these can be for the person with the best memory, best guess, most hysterical drawing and so on. Be creative and come up with certificates most suitable to the games you're playing. Leave a blank line on the certificate for the person's name.
  • Print out and laminate your own bookmarks. These can be as elaborate as a collage of photos (people, animals, nature.) or just designs from clip art.
  • Homemade cookies, brownies or other sweets wrapped in translucent wrapping paper present very nicely as a prize or favor.  Popcorn also works, and for the more ambitious, homemade jams or breads are welcomed prizes.
  • Have a Polaroid on hand and take photos of the prizewinners with the guest of honor. Each prizewinner gets a photo to take home.
  • If you have children who enjoy making jewelry, have them create an assortment of beaded jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and key chains (just add a key ring on one end). Place all of these in a basket by the door and let your guests pick their favorites.
  • Older kids can help make soap for favors, which is a lot easier than you might think. Glycerin soap cubes and molds are available at most craft stores. Just melt, pour and add some shiny beads for a fun look!
  • Create small gift baskets with assorted items such as soaps, lotions and bath beads. Or, for the more gourmet, try an arrangement of shortbread cookies, chocolates and tea. 

Whether you decide to buy or make your favors, these mementoes do not have to be elaborate or expensive. Something simple, from the heart, is perfect for this occasion.