Easy Christmas Desserts

Christmas Dessert Recipes That Leave You Time to Be with Family and Friends

These easy Christmas desserts are tailor-made for busy families. Festive and tasty, these recipes will let you end your Christmas party or Christmas dinner on a sweet note.

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    Peppermint Hershey Kiss Cookies Recipe

    Peppermint Hershey Kiss Cookies recipe
    Peppermint Hershey Kiss Cookies. Stephanie Gallagher

    Peppermint tastes like Christmas, and these peppermint kiss cookies are a perfect end to any holiday meal. Easy enough to make this with kids. and pretty enough to share with friends, these peppermint kiss cookies will become one of your staple recipes for Christmas for years to come.

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    Easy Red Velvet Cake Recipe

    Easy Red Velvet Cake Recipe
    Easy Red Velvet Cake. Stephanie Gallagher

    Red velvet cake is an ideal way to end Christmas dinner, because it's not only rich and moist, it's a festive holiday color, too. This recipe is easy because it starts with a mix. But your guests never have to know!

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    Soft Sugar Cookies Recipe

    Soft Sugar Cookies
    Soft Sugar Cookies. Liza McCorkle/Getty Images
    If you like to end your Christmas meal with cookies, these sugar cookies are the easy way to do it, because they look festive, but you don't have to mess with rolling or cutting the cookies. Just form the sugar cookies into balls and dip in colored sugar.

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    Tres Leches Cake Recipe
    Tres Leches Cake. Stephanie Gallagher
    Tres leches cake is one of the moistest cakes you'll ever taste, and this recipe is super simple. Rich and luscious, this cake makes a wonderfully easy dessert for Christmas, New Year's Eve or any special occasion.
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    Pecan Pie Recipe
    Pecan Pie. Stephanie Gallagher

    A frozen pie crust makes this pecan pie recipe simple to prepare. Just pour in the filling and bake. Serve with homemade whipped cream.

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    Chocolate Raspberry Cake Recipe
    Chocolate Raspberry Cake. Stephanie Gallagher

    An easy cake recipe is topped with a light raspberry glaze and a chocolate ganache, making this a rich and delectable dessert they won't soon forget. Garnish with fresh raspberries.

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    Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe
    Pumpkin Cheesecake. Stephanie Gallagher
    This recipe is easy because you don't have to mess with a water bath. The cheesecake is baked slowly (6-8 hours) in a very low temperature oven, allowing the cheesecake to cook completely without ever getting grainy or cracking.
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    Chocolate Cranberry Brownie Mix Cookies

    Chocolate Cranberry Brownie Mix Cookies
    Chocolate Cranberry Brownie Mix Cookies. Stephanie Gallagher

    If you've never made cookies with a brownie mix before, you owe it to yourself to try this recipe. Soft, chewy and filled with dried cranberries, they make the perfect Christmas cookie.

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    Apple Pie
    Apple Pie. Stephanie Gallagher

    If apple pie is a traditional Christmas dessert in your house, this easy apple pie recipe will become one of your favorites. Refrigerated pie crusts make this recipe a cinch to prepare.

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    Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie
    Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie. Stephanie Gallagher

    Tired of traditional pumpkin pie recipes? This pumpkin ice cream pie is a nice change. And with no baking or cooking required, this is truly an easy dessert recipe.