5 Easy Crafts to Make for Your Bedroom

Whether you love making your own home décor as a way to save money, express your creativity, produce the perfect match to your color scheme or some combination of all of these, it’s hard to deny that little compares with the satisfaction of saying, “I made it myself,” after receiving a compliment on an especially delightful DIY or craft. Here are five easy craft ideas that work especially well in the bedroom.

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    Jazz up a Mirror

    Shell mirror
    Photo courtesy of Spectacular Spaces

    One of the easiest — and most versatile — crafts for the bedroom is jazzing up an inexpensive mirror with a simple wooden or plastic frame. Every bedroom benefits from a mirror or two, and when that mirror is personalized to your palette and decorating theme, so much the better. Whether it’s for your master bedroom, your child’s bedroom or the nursery, there’s an adornment that will work perfectly, and for the most part, the only tool you’ll need is a hot glue gun.

    • Love the coastal style? Then cover the mirror’s frame with seashells, as shown here, or create a more ethereal look with blue and green sea glass. Or use small pieces of driftwood, rope trim or netting.
    • Decorating the nursery? Glue fuzzy pompoms in a rainbow of colors to the frame.
    • Is the mirror for a child’s bedroom? Have them glue Matchbox cars, Happy Meal toys, tiny dolls or other treasured miniatures to the frame.
    • Match contemporary décor with black, silver and white glass mosaic pieces. Go natural with feathers, dried seedpods, faux leaves or flowers, miniature faux bird nests or pretty pebbles.

    If you can attach it to the mirror with glue, you can use it.

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    Doily Lampshade

    Doily Lampshade
    Photo courtesy of Emmmy Lizzzy

    Looking for a unique and inexpensive way to light up your bedroom? Then why not make this doily lampshade? Not only is it beautiful, but it also throws fascinating shadows and patterns onto the walls. You can read the full directions at Emmmy Lizzzy, but basically, all you need to do is cover a large balloon or beach ball with glue-stiffened doilies (dye them your favorite color beforehand, if you’d like), let them dry completely, pop the balloon and then insert a light kit. Voila, you have a lovely light fixture to hang in your room! You will, of course, need to use a bulb that remains cool during use, such as a LED or CFL bulb — definitely NOT an incandescent bulb, which becomes very hot.

    If doilies aren’t your thing, you could substitute any sheer fabric or open-weave fabric in their place. Think of embroidered hankies or vintage tablecloths, burlap or silk.

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    Wallpaper Tray

    Wallpaper Tray
    Photo courtesy of Better Decorating Bible

    Want a quick and easy way to give your dresser top instant pizzazz? Then collect all of your small items onto a pretty tray. It’s amazing how even the simplest things look so much better when displayed this way. And it’s best of all when the tray is tailored to your bedroom’s color scheme or style. All you need is a clear plastic tray — the kind you’ll find very inexpensively at HomeGoods or Bed, Bath & Beyond — a length of wallpaper, scrapbook paper, gift wrap, or fabric; Mod Podge crafting glue; scissors and a brush. Cut the paper to fit the bottom of your tray, glue it into place with the Mod Podge, let it dry and then decorate your dresser top. It’s that easy! You’ll find the full directions at Better Decorating Bible.

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    Fabric Wreath

    Fabric Wreath
    Photo courtesy of Nancy Zieman

    Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays and they aren’t just for the front door. A fabric scrap wreath is very cute in a girl’s bedroom or in the nursery. It’s super-easy to make, as well, although somewhat time-consuming. Simply choose several different fabrics that look good together and complement the room, snip them into strips, then knot the strips around a wire wreath form until you have a fluffy, thick wreath. So cute on the closet door, bedroom wall or bedroom door. Read the easy directions at Nancy Zieman.

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    Sweater Pillows

    Sweater Pillows
    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    Does your husband complain that there are too many throw pillows on the bed? He might like them better when they have masculine appeal instead of froufrou ruffles. You barely need to sew to turn old sweaters or shirts into adorable pillow covers. The clothing items don’t have to be menswear, of course — you could use your own sweaters or shirts, or make a throw pillow for a child’s bedroom using a sweatshirt or pajama top.

    Choose sweaters or shirts that contrast with your decorating style for the most fun:

    • Menswear against a floral comforter
    • Bright exotic fabric against a solid bedspread
    • Chambray on a smooth duvet cover
    • Fisherman’s sweater on a quilt

    You’ll find complete directions at HGTV.