Easy Decorating and Color Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Here are the Essential Color and Decorating Tips for Any Room

Every room in your home has its own decorating opportunities and challenges. A color tip that might work for your living room probably won't work at all in a small bedroom. You can create a beautifully coordinated decorating plan that flows from room to room by treating each one as its own project. Any room can have its own focal point or feature, the trick is to use color to tie everything together throughout your home. When you start with a color scheme for your whole house, you can achieve any style in any room and still maintain that pulled-together look using these simple decorating ideas and inspiration.

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    10 Easy Tips to Add Color to Your Kitchen

    Warm Kitchen Color Scheme
    10 Easy Tips to Add Color to Your Kitchen. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Your kitchen can be the biggest challenge when it comes to adding color and a unique style. Cabinetry and counter surfaces are most often neutral, so your color-adding opportunity can be limited to wall color and accessories. There are clever tips and ideas for personalizing your kitchen design using paint and imagination. If your kitchen is an open space, check out the decorating ideas for adjacent rooms for inspiration.

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    How to Create the Perfect Guest Room

    Pretty Neutral Guest Bedroom | Benjamin Moore Crème Caramel
    10 Easy Ways to Makeover Your Guest Bedroom. ©Benjamin Moore

    Your guest room gives you a unique opportunity to go a little overboard in decorating. A space that is not used regularly can handle the decorating accents that may be too much for every day. 

    You'll definitely want to create a welcoming space for guests, with colors that feel homey and relaxing. You can add style with special lighting and accessories like a small chandelier and vintage pieces. Your goal is to create a space that feels like the best bed & breakfast in town, but with the comforts of home. 

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    15 Secrets to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

    Luxury Bath Decorating
    How to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive. ©MasterBrand Cabinets

    If you love the look of high-end bathroom style but not the luxury price tag, you can get the style you want without the high cost with these decorating secrets. You can make inexpensive changes right away with color. The right color scheme plays a big role in giving your bathroom a luxurious look using only paint and accessories. There are several simple updates you can make this weekend to create a gorgeous bathroom retreat in your home. 

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    Romantic Bedroom Color and Decorating Ideas

    Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas
    How to Create a Romantic Bedroom With Color. ©Caiaimage/Astronaut Images/Getty Imags

    Color sets the mood for any room, but it takes on an even bigger role in your bedroom. The right color can transform your bedroom into a romantic retreat, or a space that keeps you awake at night. Small changes to your color scheme and accessories are easy to make. Buying new bedding is a quick way to create a romantic bedroom space, but don't stop with just bedding. 

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    Popular Laundry Room Color Ideas

    Laundry Room Color Scheme
    Awesome Laundry Room Color Ideas. ©Behr

    Your laundry room doesn't have to be boring! Brighten up your laundry chores with a new color scheme. The right paint color in your laundry room can help you keep it organized and clean. Cheerful colors and neutrals are the top choices for laundry and utility rooms because they can invite you to linger and feel comfortable in the space. You're less likely to toss and run if you create a laundry space that you love. 

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    Small Space Decorating Secrets From HGTV's John Gidding

    Small Space Color Ideas and Tips from John Gidding
    Small Space Color Tips With John Gidding. ©Sherwin-Williams

    It doesn't matter which room you're decorating, if it's a small space you'll be working with a different set of challenges and rules. HGTV's John Gidding has big ideas for small spaces, and how you can create the perfect small space with a few key decorating secrets. 

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    See the Best Dining Room Colors From Benjamin Moore

    Dining Room Color Scheme
    Top Dining Room Paint Color Ideas. ©Benjamin Moore

    Your dining room can be so much fun to decorate. If you have a dining space that isn't used for every meal you can have a little more fun with paint colors. Dining rooms, like powder rooms, can handle darker and more dramatic colors because they're used occasionally. 

    Start your dining room makeover with color inspiration to discover what you really love, then tailor your decorating plan to how you use your dining room. If you have a formal dining room you can be more dramatic with color. If your dining room is used for all meals, you can still create a gorgeous space with color but you'll want to stick with neutral and relaxing colors. 

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    7 Popular Basement Color Ideas

    Basement and Home Theater Decorating
    Awesome Basement Color Ideas. Photo: ©Peter Mukherjee/E+/Getty Images

    Your basement may be a family room, game room, or even a man cave. Finding the right color for your basement can mean the difference between a place to gather and dark room that collects random items that you toss down there.

    Transform your basement into a home theater or second family room with the right paint colors. Even if your basement lacks natural light you can still use any color you like as long as you get your lighting right. 

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    Home Office Colors You Should Try

    Home Office Color Scheme
    Choose Colors for Awesome Home Office | Color.About.com. Photo ©Eric Hernandez/Getty Images

    Finding the right colors for your home office can help your focus and production, so it's important to take the time to create a color scheme first. It's tempting to just paint your home office in a neutral color that you have used in other rooms in your home, but that may not be the best choice. Consider how you use your home office and decide if you need to choose colors that motivate you, or if you'll need colors that keep you calm. Look for home office decorating inspiration for ideas on how to organize your office, and where you can use color to help you work. 

    If your home office is a shared space, use color to carve out a working space to help you separate your home and work duties. A home office shared with a guest room or other occasional space, then your home office color and design needs should be your first priority. Accessories and the right colors can help you bridge the two spaces together. 

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    7 Stunning Living Room Color Ideas

    Gray Living Room Color Scheme
    Top Living Room Paint Colors. ©Behr

    Your living room color scheme sets the mood for the rest of your home. When guests first arrive, your living room gives them a glimpse into your decorating tastes and what to expect when visiting your home. A soothing neutral color palette for your living room is welcoming and easy to personalize with accessories. Using saturated or trendy paint colors creates energy and warmth to your living room is a good choice if you love to entertain large groups or host game nights.  

    If you have a separate family room or basement for casual hangouts, you can choose more formal colors and accessories in your living room with entertaining in mind. If you're decorating a small living room, you can flow your color scheme into nearby spaces, like your dining room, to create an extension of your living room.

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    5 Popular Mudroom Colors (and how to use them.)

    Mudroom Color Ideas
    Find the Best Mudroom Colors. Photo: ©Behr

    If you're fortunate to have a mudroom you'll love these popular mudroom colors and tips on how to use them. You don't have to have a dedicated mudroom to create a space that can function as a mudroom. Color is the best way to designate a mudroom space in your home. Using paint color, you can set aside space in a hallway or foyer for making the transition inside. Add storage in coordinating colors for a pulled-together look that encourages use.  

Easy Ways to Stretch Your Decorating Budget With Color

You don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate your home. Sometimes all you need are a few accessories or a fresh paint color to totally transform a room. Use color to decorate your home without spending a fortune. Add instant style with colorful and easy decorating ideas for any room in your home with these easy tips.