50 Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Anyone Can Copy

Front view of a modern farmhouse entryway

The Spruce / Marty Baldwin

When it comes to today's leading interior styles, farmhouse design is a fan favorite—and it doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. What became popular through the likes of Chip and Joanna Gaines and Studio McGee is all over our Instagram feeds to this day.

While you may be familiar with the basics of farmhouse style, determining how exactly to introduce the look into your own home may be a bit difficult or overwhelming—especially if you're not looking to do any major design overhauls or purchase all brand-new furniture. However, the great news is that it's quite easy to incorporate elements of this aesthetic into your space in smaller doses. We've rounded up 50 fabulous rooms and compiled corresponding tips on how to add farmhouse flair to your space. So what are you waiting for? Read on and get ready to design the farmhouse-style home of your dreams.

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    Display Your Collections

    collected open shelving

    Antoinette Arrington / Instagram

    Farmhouse style spaces are cozy and welcoming, and keeping favorite items on display adds to the lived-in, collected feel that is key to this aesthetic, as exemplified in designer Antoinette Arrington's space.

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    Display Sheepskin

    sheepskin rug

    Danielle / Instagram

    Sheepskin is incredibly versatile—little kids will enjoy laying down on it in the nursery or playroom, and adults will appreciate a sheepskin rug next to the bed, which ensures that feet are nice and cozy when getting up on chilly mornings. Or make like Instagrammer Danielle and layer a sheepskin throw on a bench.

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    Stick With Neutrals

    neutral colors

    Brooke / Instagram

    When it comes to selecting basic furniture pieces, stick to the neutrals if you're looking to achieve a farmhouse look. Then, feel free to add pops of color in the form of pillows, florals, and other small accent pieces. Instagrammer Brooke shows us how it's done in her serene living space.

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    Don't Miss the Details

    windowpane towel

    Christina Kim

    Even the seemingly smallest details, like bathroom linens, can majorly shape the aesthetic of a room. Here, in this powder room by designer Christina Kim, a hand towel featuring a windowpane print brings a touch of farmhouse fun into the space.

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    Opt for White Slipcovered Chairs

    white slipcovered chairs

    Jenn Pablo

    Placing white slipcovers atop your chairs will instantly bring the farmhouse look home, as we see in this space by designer Jenn Pablo. And the vase filled with branches is another charming touch—simple greenery is also a farmhouse classic.

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    Welcome Guests With a Bench

    metal bench

    @westcottonwoodlane / Instagram

    Bench seating is so welcoming and classic—if you can fit a metal bench in your entryway, opt for a black hue like Instagrammer @westcottonwoodlane did to bring farmhouse style home. Guests will appreciate having a place to put on and take off shoes when they stop by.

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    Choose Antiques

    distressed furniture


    Distressed wooden furniture is always full of beauty and character and is perfect for any farmhouse home. This chest that Instagrammer Karen has in her space is filled with tons of charm and provides plenty of function, too.

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    Source a Wooden Cabinet

    wooden cabinet

    Sandra / Instagram

    Wooden cabinets make for excellent storage in the kitchen and also have lots of rustic charm. Instagrammer Sandra opted to keep her cabinet doors open to display all of the beautiful treasures she has inside. Sticking to one color scheme for plates and glassware ensures that her collection appears curated and not overwhelming.

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    Add Woven Elements

    woven tray

    Megan / Instagram

    Woven baskets and trays are staples in any farmhouse home. They add welcome texture and are sturdy enough to stand the test of time. Instagrammer Megan placed ceramic planters atop the tray in her dining room for a simple yet chic centerpiece.

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    Paint Your Dining Chairs

    farmhouse dining room

    Morgan / Instagram

    Traditionally, being able to gather together was an important characteristic of farmhouse living, and this concept holds true in today's farmhouse-inspired dining rooms. White painted cane dining chairs shine in this dining space—they pop against the deep blue walls and add a country like element. Instagrammer Morgan also added a vintage inspired rug with warm hues that contributes to the room's welcoming atmosphere.

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    Install Barn Doors

    barn doors

    Ania / Instagram

    They work in any room of the house—even in the loo, as seen here in Instagrammer Ania's space. We also like the idea of installing barn doors in the bedroom to lead into the closet.

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    Think About the Sink

    farmhouse sink

    Victoria Bell

    If you're renovating the kitchen, a farmhouse style sink is a winning choice. It truly steals the show in this space by designer Victoria Bell and will be the envy of all of your dinner guests.

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    Fill Your Fireplace

    logs in fireplace

    @houseandholm's / Instagram

    Adding logs into the opening of a nonfunctioning fireplace brings about that rustic charm that we all crave. Instagrammer @houseandholm's addition of throw blankets and pillows encourages major relaxation. We love how she, too, hung an all-seasons wreath in her home.

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    Don't Forget About Plants

    fiddle leaf fig

    Jamie / Instagram

    A fiddle leaf fig, like the one Instagrammer Jamie has, is a farmhouse must (now say that three times fast!). We often associate plants with boho spaces, but they complement any type of decor. Olive trees (whether real or faux) are also popular among the farmhouse set.

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    Bring on the Buffalo Check

    kate marker interiors mudroom

    Kate Marker Interiors

    If you've got a white base on your walls (even if it isn't shiplap), all it takes is a few extra touches in a light colored wood to add a farmhouse vibe. The bench, shelf, and basket paired with a mixture of farmhouse and modern minimalist accents make this mudroom-laundry room by Kate Marker Interiors a winner.

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    Grab a Trunk

    vintage trunk

    Krista / Instagram

    You know that trunk that's been collecting dust in the basement? Allow it to see the light of day by making it part of your farmhouse style decor! Trunks are so storied, not to mention they can hold a ton—so if you're wondering where to stash the throw blankets that are constantly taking over your sofa, you have an answer. Sticking your trunk in front of or in the opening of a nonworking fireplace like Instagrammer Krista did is an excellent solution.

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    Have Fun With Baskets

    woven baskets

    Krista / Instagram

    It's a fact: A farmhouse fanatic can never own enough baskets. Use them as plant pots, to store kitchen linens, in the closet, in the bathroom—you name it. Instagrammer Krista has worked several different types into this one vignette.

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    Set Out Some Wheat Grass

    dried white grass

    Rukmini / Instagram

    Tired of purchasing and repurchasing fresh flowers every week? Place dried wheatgrass in a vase like Instagrammer Rukmini did for a simple arrangement that will last all season long and won't need any refreshing. If you're a color lover, you can also add some dried red berry stems into the mix.

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    Hang a Wreath

    big chair

    Whitney / Instagram

    Wreaths aren't just for the winter holidays—hanging a leafy wreath year round, like Instagrammer Whitney did, will add cheer to your living room on any given day. Wreaths last a long time already, but if you really don't want to worry about maintenance, you can always opt for a faux creation—many look extremely convincing.

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    Opt for Shiplap

    shiplap wall

    Carissa / Instagram

    Who needs a headboard when you can install a wall of shiplap behind your bed? Instagrammer Carissa went a bit off the beaten path and opted to paint her shiplap wall black, which adds a moody touch to her sleep space. A rug with earthy tones finishes off the look.

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    Add a Chunky Throw

    knit throw blanket

    Janea / Instagram

    Seriously, we all know that when it comes to throws, the chunkier, the better. No farmhouse bedroom is complete without a knit blanket like Instagrammer Janea's. Drape it over the end of your bed oh-so-casually and thank yourself on chilly evenings when you feel snug as a bug.

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    Choose the Right Mirror

    black round mirror

    Gbeke / Instagram

    Every entryway needs a mirror—but be sure to pick the right one. A round, black mirror always looks right on trend in a farmhouse style home. Instagrammer Gbeke hung hers in a shiplap-covered hallway, which allows the deep hue to really stand out.

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    Bust Out the Beads

    beads on coffee table


    Your coffee table doesn't have to be jam-packed with decor to look chic. Beaded chains are the perfect coffee table accent for a farmhouse home. While neutral, they add textural interest and aren't too delicate. Instagrammer Nita kept her coffee table decor nice and simple—but it's by no means boring.

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    Get Knit

    knit accents

    Meeghan / Instagram

    Knit blankets aren't just for the bedroom—they shine in the main living area, too! Knit rugs also provide relief for achy feet and prevent a living room from feeling too stuffy. Instagrammer Meeghan even added a knit stool to her setup (we do love a good theme).

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    Think About Tiles

    black and white tiles

    Michelle Martel / Instagram

    Black and white tiles aren't just for French-inspired rooms—they look beautiful in farmhouse spaces, too. Designer Michelle Martel opted for a darling pattern in this bathroom that adds some welcome whimsy to the space.

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    Style Some Stools

    reclaimed wood stools

    Frankie / Instagram

    Reclaimed wood stools that are too tiny for anyone to sit on can still make for fabulous decor. Use them as plant stands or to hold vases, as Instagrammer Frankie did. The end result? Adorable cottage-like vibes!

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    Pretty Up the Porch

    screen porch door

    Cindy / Instagram

    Farmhouses are known for their expansive screen porches, and if you're lucky enough to have one of your down, don't forget to pretty it up! Installing a porch swing big enough for two or three will make warm weather lounging all the more enjoyable. Additionally, an indoor/outdoor carpet and a coffee table will help your outdoor space appear a bit more finished. Instagrammer Cindy's porch is certainly calling our names!

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    Set Up a Gardening Station

    garden table

    Krizianid / Instagram

    Celebrate your love of gardening by setting up a cute station with plant supplies on your screened porch like Instagrammer Krizianid did. Farmhouse life is all about spending time outdoors—so go get one with nature already!

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    Lean a Blanket Ladder

    blanket ladder

    Jules / Instagram

    As we keep noting, blankets and cozy accents are integral components of farmhouse decor. A blanket ladder, like the one that Instagrammer Jules displayed in her home, is another excellent storage option—and can be DIYed, too.

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    DIY Board and Batten

    board and batten

    Isabel / Instagram

    Board and batten is easy to DIY and will take any wall from drab to fab. It looks wonderful in this farmhouse dining room by Instagrammer Isabel. Not that there's no need to hang art on the wall once it's finished, the design will speak for itself.

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    Turn Essentials Into Art

    kitchen essentials cutting board

    @therusticdesert / Instagram

    Everyday kitchen essentials such as wooden cutting boards can be lined up on the counter and displayed as art, creating a lived-in feel. Instagrammer @therusticdesert grouped a number of go to supplies atop a metal tray to keep things organized.

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    Layer, Layer, Layer

    layering rugs

    Michelle / Instagram

    A layered look never goes out of style and adds plenty of coziness to any space. Instagrammer Michelle layered rugs in her living room to create a plush place to relax. Even if your home features existing wall to wall carpet, you don't have to feel trapped. Place a large area rug that's more your style over the majority of the carpet and you'll feel much more at ease in your space.

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    Don't Forget About the Loo

    ornate mirror

    Kandas / Instagram

    The bathroom deserves a little decor love, too. Take down an unsightly medicine cabinet and hang a vintage mirror, like the white one that Instagrammer Kandas found, in its place. It will make a major difference and add lots of life. Eucalyptus is also a must in the bathroom—it keeps the space smelling pleasant and will last for weeks on end.

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    And Place Some Plants in There

    farmhouse bathroom decor

    Christine Kissack / Instagram

    Let's face it: We use our bathrooms multiple times a day, every day, so why leave them out of the design scheme? In Instagrammer Christine Kissack's space, a small stool with a petite plant will add charm to the loo, and a runner with rust tones livens up a more neutral floor.

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    Get Artsy

    gallery wall and chandelier

    Wendy / Instagram

    No home is complete without a gallery wall (trust us). Hang up art prints of all kinds—silhouettes are full of farmhouse charm—and create an eye-catching gallery wall like Instagrammer Wendy. And don't forget about lighting: A beaded chandelier like this one is way more attractive than standard builder-grade fixtures.

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    Hang a Clock

    clock decor in living room

    Margy / Instagram

    An oversized clock serves as living room decor while reminding us of simpler times pre-handheld devices. Its wooden tones complement the primitive open shelf below it in Instagrammer Margy's home.

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    Design a Tablescape

    eucalyptus garland

    Katie / Instagram

    Beautiful tablescapes aren't just for the holidays and special occasions. Make even the most mundane of meals feel a little more luxe with a display that elevates the everyday. A faux eucalyptus garland like the one Instagrammer Katie has is the perfect choice.

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    Mount Baskets to the Wall

    baskets on wall

    Rebecca Rollins Interiors

    Baskets don't just have to be used for their traditional purpose to shine in a farmhouse home. Create a display on the wall like designer Rebecca Rollins did and admire the liveliness it adds to your space. Best of all, baskets can be sourced extremely affordably, so there's no need to break the bank bringing this vision to life. Scour your local thrift store or rummage sale and you'll be sure to find some gems.

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    Use a Bench as A Coffee Table

    bench as coffee table

    Janine / Instagram

    You don't have to shell out big bucks for a designer-made coffee table when a simple wooden bench can look just as stunning. The one that Instagrammer Janine chose has a rustic look without veering into shabby chic territory, making it a fantastic farmhouse find.

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    Add Equestrian Touches

    horse decor

    Eleanor / Instagram

    Veering too far into the "animal theme" category can look cheesy, but a horse figurine adds the right amount of farmhouse flair. Instagrammer Eleanor kept the rest of her console table more contemporary and glam by using glass and gold lamps as an anchor.

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    Think Tall

    windsor chairs

    Amber Pierce / Instagram

    Think tall when it comes for chairs. Windsor chairs are inviting and commonplace in farmhouse homes, and they add welcome height to any table. Black chairs look beautiful in this space, but this style of seating is available in a wide range of shades. Designer Amber Pierce styled hers with an Edison bulb light fixture that complements both farmhouse and industrial style spaces.

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    Get Orderly

    glass jars in bathroom

    Ashley Webb

    A farmhouse style space must be nice and organized—after all, such homes are designed around the idea of plenty of people coming and going. Placing bathroom essentials in clear glass jars as designer Ashley Webb did in a recent project contributes to feelings of orderliness and uniformity.

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    Be Subtle

    dark kitchen

    Becca Interiors

    As noted earlier, it's key not to go overboard with animal decor, which can evoke the farmhouse vibe too strongly. Rather, artfully displaying a painting like the one Becca Interiors used above can get the overall message across without make your home resemble a barnyard. Yearning for a piece of art that looks like the real deal? Shop for vintage farmhouse paintings on eBay, Etsy, and other secondhand sites or look for them at antique stores.

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    Pick Wicker

    wicker bed frame

    Emily Starr Alfano / Instagram

    Wicker or rattan furnishings shine in a number of settings—they can lean traditional, boho, or, yes, farmhouse. The wicker bed that designer Emily Starr Alfano used in the space above can easily be jazzed up with windowpane bedding to embrace its full farmhouse potential.

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    Fix Up The Fireplace

    tiles on fireplace

    Rebecca Rollins Interiors

    The tiles you select for your fireplace or kitchen backsplash can majorly set the tone of a room. The ones that designer Rebecca Rollins selected for the above room have a charming, down to earth look about them that meshes perfectly with farmhouse decor. Oh, and we spy another blanket ladder here, too!

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    Go Wooden

    wooden kitchen island

    Karen / Instagram

    Similarly, if you're picking an island out from scratch, you can't go wrong with a wooden option. Instagrammer Karen has made her setup look ultra dreamy by keeping the top of the island free of clutter and setting out only a functional (and colorful) fruit bowl. And such a piece will only become more storied and special with age.

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    Keep It Simple

    wooden stools

    Karan / Instagram

    With so many elaborate kitchen bar stools on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down your top picks. But when outfitting a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, opting for simple designs is best. These wooden stools that Instagrammer Karan displayed aren't flashy but have tons of character and are easy to move around the house as needed.

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    Mix Old and New

    barn door modern home

    Michelle Berwick

    Note that barn doors can easily be incorporated into more modern settings. In this luxe home by designer Michelle Berwick, a barn door shines among a sleek backdrop and brings a touch of farmhouse into this contemporary space.

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    Choose Charming Chairs

    wooden bistro chairs

    Emily Starr Alfano / Instagram

    Bistro chairs aren't solely for Parisian-like dining rooms—they look right at home in designer Emily Starr Alfano's farmhouse style home, too. The key to landing the right look is selecting bistro chairs that are wooden as opposed to ones with brightly colored patterns. You can always opt for a different style when it comes to the head of the table to mix things up—mixing and matching seating types is always encouraged but can look extra intentional in a farmhouse space.

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    Say Yes to Spindle Chairs

    farmhouse sunroom

    Kate Marker

    Spindle furniture and farmhouse design go hand in hand. These plush chairs that designer Kate Marker featured in the family room above encourage all of the snuggling up and are truly gorgeous.