Easy Feng Shui for Spring Cleaning

Tips to get more energy for your feng shui spring cleaning efforts

mother and daughters cleaning the kitchen
Andersen Ross/Getty Images

After you've read the feng shui spring cleaning tips you might be thinking: "All well and good, but where do I actually start? I am tired and have no energy to do any clutter clearing or spring cleaning."

We understand. The paradox is that the more clutter we have, the more low energy and tired we feel. Which means we really need to clear that clutter!

For many people, the spring cleaning feng shui efforts can feel a bit of a catch-22 situation. In order to get more energy, you need to do clutter clearing and spring cleaning. But in order to do the spring cleaning, you sure need a lot of energy!

We have a brilliant clutter clearing system that can help remove your clutter for good. It is not an instant solution and, if you have a lot of clutter, it will take more than just a few days to clear it all out. The system works, though, so be sure to give it a try if you feel you need more help.

Here are some easy spring cleaning tips to follow:

1. Start with a very easy feng shui clutter clearing session and do not go over 35-45 min. If you extend your spring cleaning/clutter clearing session beyond what feels like fun, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Yes, you can argue that if you do small sessions you will never get things done. Not completely true! Once you start enjoying them, your tolerance for clearing your clutter will increase, and you will actually look forward to more sessions while also making the sessions longer. The more sessions you have, the more work gets done, and the more energy you gain, too!

After you have done several small spring cleaning sessions, go for a longer one, but again, do not over-do it. Finish cleaning while you still feel fresh and can look forward to the next session.

2. Allow yourself to start in any place you fee like it - it might be your closet, your bathroom vanity or maybe a small area in your basement home office.

Go with the flow and see where there is most excitement for you. Spring cleaning can be a lot of fun with just a tiny shift in your attitude. You want to stay with (and keep!) the energy of excitement as this gives you more energy to complete the tasks at hand.

3. Never ever start your spring cleaning efforts with the hardest task. Unless, of course, you are absolutely sure and confident you have the energy for it!

It is best to start in a gentle and easy way, with small spring cleaning sessions that bring visible results. This way both your enjoyment, as well as your confidence, grow, and yes, you might be looking forward to more and more spring cleaning and clutter clearing of your home.

Once you actually experience the feeling of lightness and freshness that comes after even small amounts of spring cleaning, the rest is easy.

4. Do not forget to support your energy with good feng shui energy props, be it music, fresh flowers or your favourite scent in the aromatherapy diffuser. So, if you have to clear your basement, for example, bring your aromatherapy diffuser with you to create fresh energy and use essential oils that are best for this task, such as peppermint, eucalyptus or lavender.

Good music that makes your heart sing sure raises the energy, too, as well as makes the time go by very fast! Choose music that is energizing and happy. 

Treat yourself well by treating your home well, and everything else will fall into place.