Easy French Picnic Menu Recipes

French Picnic Recipes. Guido Mieth

Whether you’re enjoying the first rays of summer sunlight in the city or bundling up against the cold and hiking your favorite mountain path, a picnic lunch is always welcome. There's no denying, eating food outdoors always tastes better. Make sure you choose fresh foods, the best quality ingredients, and dishes that can easily be carried for the most enjoyable take-along feast. Foods can be hot or cold but think about transportation, Thermos flasks can get heavy especially when full but a must if your picnic is in cold weather.


Add French Flair to a Classic Picnic Basket:

Sandwiches and Baked Goods:

So many French foods lend themselves so well to a picnic feast. The first being the Croissant. Yes, they are usually eaten at breakfast but make both a great sandwich when filled with cheese and ham, and as dessert, seriously, what could be nicer than an almond croissant. 

Other French baked goods sit well in a picnic basket, Pain aux Raisin is so easy to carry and again makes a tasty sweet treat.

Pan Bagnat is a scrumptious seafood sandwich that tastes best a few hours after it has been prepared, making it a perfect choice for a picnic. Crudités with Lemon Oil can be assembled the night before an outing, and then packed into the picnic basket along with a carton of fragrant, homemade Rosemary Almonds.


Salads are a great, versatile item to pack; they can be sophisticated or rustic, and they travel well, any of these four will be very much appreciated.

With the Avocado salad, you may want to follow this advice to stop it from turning brown before you eat it.


Desserts are perhaps the most difficult for a picnic, so you can choose from delicious French pastries or patisserie or, choose a dessert that doesn’t melt and is sturdy or can be packed in a protective container for transporting it from the kitchen to the great outdoors


Finish with the Cheese for a True French Picnic:

Complete the perfect French picnic with a good choice of cheeses, without them you are missing the French experience.  A chilled bottle of sparkling water or wine, a fresh, crusty baguette, and a few pieces of chocolate, a little sunshine, and good friends or family and you have all you need for a perfect day out.