Easy Free Granny Square Crochet Patterns

Use These Grannies to Make Afghans, Shawls and More

Granny Square Crochet
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There are so many different crochet square patterns that you could make one per day for years and never repeat the same design twice. Many people call of these different squares, granny squares. There is a classic granny square crochet pattern, and there are also lots of simple variations on that popular design. Then there are lots of other crochet patterns that aren't classic grannies but are used in the same way - made in various sizes and all types of yarn to crochet everything from...MORE washcloths to afghans.

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    Crochet Granny Square, Round 3
    Crochet Granny Square, Round 3. Kathryn Vercillo

    Basic granny squares can be made in many different colors, fibers, and sizes. You can use any yarn that you like (or even alternative materials such as plastic bags, fabric rags and more) and work with any size hook to create granny squares.

    This granny square is very easy, and it is the perfect beginner's project. However, granny squares aren't only for beginners; crocheters of all skill levels enjoy creating them and using them in innovative ways.

    The square pattern is easy enough that...MORE you can easily keep adding as many rounds to it as you want to make it as big as possible. So, a blanket might consist of just one large granny square or hundreds of tiny joined granny squares. This basic crochet pattern can really take you a long way!

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    How to Crochet a Granny Square: Round Four
    How to Crochet a Granny Square: Round Four. Kathryn Vercillo

    This four-round crochet granny square is a simple design that is based on the classic crochet granny square. The first rounds are worked in the same way and then the last two rounds are just single crochet stitches. As long as you know how to chain, single crochet and double crochet, you'll be able to easily make a bunch of these granny squares very quickly.

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    Comparing Different Crocheted Granny Squares
    Comparing Different Crocheted Granny Squares. Comparing Different Crocheted Granny Squares - Photo © Amy Solovay

    One of the simplest ways to create granny square variations: vary the number of chains used, either in the corners or between clusters of stitches. This photo compares several different granny squares, so you can get a better idea of how each simple variation turns out. Of course, it's a lot more fun if you just play with the variations on your own, because then you'll get a really good sense of different changes that you can make and what they will look like!

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    Fuzzy Pink Baby Afghan Square
    Fuzzy Pink Baby Afghan Square - This Baby Afghan Square Is Crocheted Using the V-Stitch Granny Square Pattern. As Shown, It Would Be Great for Making a Baby Blanket for a Baby Girl. This Versatile Pattern Could Be Crocheted in a Variety of Other Yarns. Fuzzy Pink Baby Afghan Square - Photo © Amy Solovay

    One variation not shown above is the option to make a crochet granny square using v-stitches instead of groups of double crochet stitches. You're still working with double crochet but you're inserting the chains that make it a V, giving a very different look to the design.

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    Criss-Cross Granny Square
    Criss-Cross Granny Square. Criss-Cross Granny Square -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    This granny square features an open criss-cross motif in the center. This motif is pretty on its own, and it looks really interesting when you join multiple squares. Play around with making these squares in solid colors, changing colors in each round and working it in variegated yarns; you'll discover that there are many different effects that can be achieved with even the simplest of changes.

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    3D Crochet Flower Granny Square
    3D Crochet Flower Granny Square. 3D Crochet Flower Granny Square -- Photo © Amy Solovay. All Rights Reserved.

    The focal point of this little square is a lovely three-dimensional flower motif with a popcorn in the center. This is a small square, measuring only a bit over 3 inches if made using the recommended yarn and hook size. It's relatively solid, making it a nice choice for using in baby blankets or other baby projects. However, you aren't limited to using it for baby items, as there are many other types of designs that this pattern would be suitable for. Any springtime item that calls for a...MORE floral design would be a great choice!

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    The "Simple Rows and Rounds Granny Square". The "Simple Rows and Rounds Granny Square" -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    This easy little square coordinates well with the 3d flower granny square linked above. You can use the squares together in the same pattern easily because they turn out to be exactly the same size if you crochet them using the same crochet hook and same basic materials. Alternately, you could use either of these squares separately if you prefer. 

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    Granny Square With Flower Center

    Aster Flower Granny Square
    Aster Flower Granny Square. Aster Flower Granny Square - Photo © Lori Jean Karluk

    This pretty granny square features an aster design in the center; French knots and embroidered details add visual interest. This is an original crochet pattern by Lori Jean Karluk. This one is so pretty that you could easily frame it and hang it on the wall as a piece of artwork; of course, you can also use it in a wide variety of more functional projects as well.

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    Crocheted Granny Square Afghan Block With Rainbow Outlines
    Crocheted Granny Square Afghan Block With Rainbow Outlines. Crocheted Granny Square Afghan Block With Rainbow Outlines - Photo © Amy Solovay

    If you're looking for a colorful crochet project, this rainbow outlines granny square is a fantastic choice. The main body of the square is crocheted in one color and then accents are added in the colors of the rainbow. Of course, you don't have to stick to the rainbow color scheme; this same idea would work with a variety of colors and is a great choice for stash busting.